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Lutalo Zuva Stat Page

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1 Lutalo Zuva Stat Page on Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:28 pm

Lutalo Zuva


Character Perks: 2/2
Slot 0.
Attack Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Attack/Attack-Creation Magic, during combat only, you have +3 to your Power Stat.

Slot 1.
Power Hungry:
After initial character creation, Stat points delegated to your power stat only count for double. Such as 1 point to Power equals 2 points to power

Slot 2.
Mana Pool Plus:
Instead of adding 10 to your mana pool for every 5 points to stamina, you can add 15 to your mana pool for every 5 points to stamina.

PowerStaminaSpeedSensoryControlStat Total


Spell Points: 30

Thread Link

Character Creation+1000 Gold, +15 Spell Points- 10 - 9 - 17
GRAND RE-OPENING!+1000 Gold, +15 Spell Points, +1 Gold Star, +20% Discount Coupon for any item at the item shop- 10 - 9 - 17
(Link to Thread)(Gains and Losses)(Updates)(date)
(Link to Thread)(Gains and Losses)(Updates)(date)
(Link to Thread)(Gains and Losses)(Updates)(date)

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