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Spell Guidelines

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1 Spell Guidelines on Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:41 am

Spells are the very backbone of combat of any magic knight! Guidelines set here are basic template, spells may be slightly more or less effective depending on the stats of the magic knight personally. The guide here lists the overall offensive and defensive capabilities of a spell, not necessarily the ability of the magic knight. Used as a healing guide, this is the ability of your magic knight to heal wounds.

  • Spell Level  – The general rank of the spell. You can use and learn any spell at any rank as long as you have the required amount of control and your grimoire is updated.

  • Spell Strength – The expected power of a spell, the damage it can cause per attack spell, damage it can defend per defensive spell, or the injury it can heal per healing spell

  • Range – The distance or Area of Effect the spell can reach. For also Creation Spells, the maximum size of the construct you can create

  • Mana Cost -  How much mana it costs. To maintain a spell over a number of posts from the initial, it costs half the original cost.

  • Stat Point Manipulation – If this spell affects stats, whether being a buff to your stats or a debuff to your enemy, the limit to the number of stat points each level of spell is allowed to manipulate. Can be focused on 1 stat or spread across multiple.

Spell Strength Guidelines
Spell LevelStrength of SpellStat Point Equivalents
Junior Magic

  • Generally nonlethal
  • 40 mph ~ 65 km/h speed (as fast as a horse gallop)
  • strength of a hard punch or kick leaving bruises
  • leaves 1-2 inch cuts on the skin
  • causes 1st to minor 2nd degree burns
  • can manipulate weights of up to 500 lbs ~ 225 kg
  • 30 m range OR AoE 10 m

Intermediate Magic

  • Generally nonlethal on indirect contact, may be lethal on direct contact
  • 75 mph ~ 120 km/h speed (as fast as a cheetah)
  • hard enough to break bone on direct contact or cause heavy bruising
  • can cut deep gashes onto the skin
  • causes major 2nd degree burns
  • can manipulate weights up to 1000 lbs ~ 450  kg
  • 75m Range or AoE 20 m

Senior Magic

  • Lethal on direct contact, generally survivable on indirect
  • 150 mph ~ 240 km/h speed (as fast as freefalling skydiver)
  • hard enough to break bone or cut limbs
  • can cause internal hemorrhaging
  • causes major 3rd degree burns
  • can manipulate weights up to 3000 lbs ~ 1300 kg
  • 150 m range or AoE 50 m

Grand Magic

  • 100% overkill/OP, lethal
  • 300 mph ~ 480 km/h speed
  • can slice through the entire body or shatter bone or major internal hemorrhaging
  • causes major 4th degree burns or disintegration
  • can manipulate weights up to 10,000 lbs ~ 4500 kg
  • 300 m range or AoE 100 m
  • Can revive allies on the brink of death (within 1 post of ally “dying”)


Range is the distance your spell can reach such as if a projectile or the area of environment your spell can manipulate freely. It also serves as the maximum size of a physical construct you can create. For sensory spells, you may add 10 m to the Area Of Effect range for every 5 points to your sensory stat.

Spell Rank
RangeArea of Effect
Maximum Construct Size
cubic meters
Junior 30 m5 m10
Intermediate 70 m 20 m 100
Senior150 m50 m2,000
Grand300 m 10020,000

Mana Cost
Spells cost mana to cast. Mana is subtracted from your mana pool. Some spells are Continuous Spells, meaning that these spells can last as long as your Magic Knight continues or is able to pay Mana for it. The cost of continuing a spell after an initial post is half of the initial cost of a spell (if odd numbered, rounded up).

Spell Rank
Mana Cost
Junior Single Cast - 10
Continuing Cast - 5
Intermediate Single Cast - 15
Continuing Cast - 8
SeniorSingle Cast - 20
Continuing Cast - 10
GrandSingle Cast - 30
Continuing Cast - 15

Stat Point Manipulation
Some spells can increase or decrease stats, there are limits to just how much stats can be manipulated per rank! These can be per single stat or spread across multiple stats.

Spell Rank
Single TargetMultiple Targets
Junior 4
Intermediate 64

Spell Cost
In order to learn spells, you must pay Gold and Spell Points. Here are the guidelines!

Spell Rank
GoldSpell Points
Junior 3005
Intermediate 50010

Updating Your Grimoire
Your Grimoire is your magic tome that holds all your spells and through it you are able to cast spells. To cast more powerful spells, you must update your Grimoire with a hefty sum of gold and you must meet requirements for your Control Stat. Updating your grimoire is not linked to ranking up, it only limits your power on spells. It is important to ranking up however, because ranking up requires magic knights to learn a certain number of spells per rank.

Magic Rank
Grimoire Update CostControl Stat
Junior None - Beginning Rank None - Beginning Rank
Intermediate 2,00020
Senior3,000 40

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