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Moira Vermillion's Starter Spells

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1 Moira Vermillion's Starter Spells on Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:57 pm

Name of Spell: Squire
Elemental Type: Light
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Defensive Creation
Range: 30m from Moira, 10m tall
Mana Cost: 10, 5 sustain
Stats: N/A
Description: The spell spawns a construct out of light, shaped like a knight in a full body of armor. The knight has a large tower shield that he holds out in front of him while in a kneeling position. The shield is used to defend the knight and whatever is behind him.

Name of Spell: One-Third Squire
Elemental Type: Light
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Defensive Creation
Range: 30m from Moira, 10m tall
Mana Cost: 10, 5 Sustain
Stats: N/A
Description: This spell is the child of Squire, as with this spell it spawns 3 Squires instead of the one, though all of them have 1/3 the strength of the normal squire.

Name of Spell: Space
Elemental Type: Light
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Supplementary
Range: 5m
Mana Cost: 10 Mana
Stats: N/A
Description: Moira sticks out one of her arms straight out in front of her, palm open. After a short 1 seconds delay, a quick, abrupt flash of light is created. The main use of this is to hinder an opponent's sight, though it could have various amount of uses depending on situation.

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2 Re: Moira Vermillion's Starter Spells on Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:42 pm

Squire - This looks good, Approved!

One-Third Squire - I'm not really sure what you mean with creating just a smaller version of the initial squire spell. As for the 1/3 strength for each, do you also mean that in order to defend a spell fully, all three squires would need to be put together?

Space - As this is a supplementary spell, it wouldn't be able to cause stat debuffs, so be assure that while it may surprise opponents, it won't have as much effectiveness as a normal 'attack' spell would have. Otherwise, this is fine. Approved!

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