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Obierion Faber - Spells (Junior 1/2)

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1 Obierion Faber - Spells (Junior 1/2) on Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:12 pm

Name of Spell: Memories of a Smith
Elemental Type: Pressure
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Supplementary - Item Creation
Range: Item in Hand/Melee
Mana Cost: 8 / 4
Stats: Enhances an Item with Junior Class Magic
Description: Compressing an area of space around a solid object forming a object. Commonly that of the form of a weapon's head taking up to 10 cubic metres in volume and can remain sustained as long as the object doesn't go further than 30 metres from the summoner, It must have started in the hands of the caster.
-The magic works by condensing the air of a greater area into a smaller area, due to its imperfections it isn't completely clear but rather it is noticeable due to foreign objects being pulled within the spell's sphere on influence at the time of forming within the condensed zone.

Name of Spell: Wall of Force
Elemental Type: Pressure
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Defensive Creation
Range: 30m from Caster, Up to 10 Cubic Metres AoE
Mana Cost: 8 / 4
Stats: N/A
Description: A wall of force is constructed from a wider area compressed together with the force of restricted pressure. This barrier is transparent though it is possible to identify its existence due to the imperfections and foreign objects suspended within. It can take a multitude of forms, composing of an area of 10 cubic metres and up to 30 metres from the summoner.

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2 Re: Obierion Faber - Spells (Junior 1/2) on Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:59 pm

Zerachiel Silva

Junior Magic Knight 3rd Class
For Memories, please specify what you are making. Remember you have item/equipment creation magic, meaning you can't make items that are directly weapons.

For Wall of Force, this one looks good just add the range and construct size in the Range

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3 Re: Obierion Faber - Spells (Junior 1/2) on Wed Oct 25, 2017 4:09 pm

Updated Wall of Force

Memories of the Smith - awaiting possible in progress changes to magic types.

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4 Re: Obierion Faber - Spells (Junior 1/2) on Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:46 am

Zerachiel Silva

Junior Magic Knight 3rd Class
Memories of a Smith - Alright, this is looking pretty good! Just as with the latest magic type revisions, this falls under Supplementary - Item Creation, as it's quite literally one word i'll just add it in myself lol Approved!

Wall of Force - Looking good, Approved!

2 junior spells is 600 Gold and 10 spell points! Gold will be deducted and please remember to add these spells to your gimoire!

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