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Stat and Spell Points System

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1 Stat and Spell Points System on Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:18 am

Stat and Spell Points System
Here at Black Clover, we have a stat system to determine the strength and attributes of your character, along with a special Spell Point system that determines how your character learns spells.

  • Power – Your Magic Knight’s strength/attack stat, how powerful their spells are. While not necessarily physical strength, this stat comes into play of whether a spell overpowers another.

  • Speed – How fast your Magic Knight is, spell casting speed. The higher this stat is, the faster your Magic Knight can move on the battlefield or the faster you can cast a spell versus your opponent.

  • Stamina – Your Magic Knight’s endurance/defense stat, how hard they can take a hit and how long they can withstand a battle. This stat relates to your Magic Knight’s mana pool. You begin with a mana pool of 10, every 5 points added to your stamina stat your mana pool increases by 10.  

    • I have 10 stat points to Stamina. That’s 10/5 = 2, 2*10 = 20, 20+10 = 30 Mana Pool Size
    • For every post after initial combat, your knight can regenerate 20% of their mana pool.
    • When your mana pool reaches the negative (not including 0), your magic knight faints.  

  • Sensory – What we consider a combination of both Accuracy and Reaction time. How well your Magic Knight can perceive the world around them, including detecting enemies and traps, estimating enemy power and following an opponent’s moves to react in turn. If you have sensory magic, the higher this stat is, the further and more accurate your sensory magic is.

  • Control – How skilled your Magic Knight is with controlling their spells. Control determines the rank of spell your magic knight can control effectively.

  • Spell Points – This special spendable stat determines the knowledge of spells, such as how many spells your Magic Knight can know and learn. Spell Points are spent (along with Gold) to learn Spells.  In Roleplay, every 1,000 words you write gains you 1 Stat Point and 1 Spell Point OR 1K words = 1 Stat Point & 1 Spell Point  

    Notice! Spell Points and Experience Points are earned simultaneously! Meaning if I have a total of 3,000 Words I earned 3 XP AND 3 Spell points.

    Upon character creation, you are given 45 Stat Points to start, with 15 free Spell Points, and 1,000 gold

Stat Differences

  • 0-4 Point Difference – Somewhat Noticeable, at this difference of stat points the two magic knights are nearly equivalent in stats. The knight higher may have a slight upper hand in the long run.

  • 5-9 Point Difference – Noticeable, At this difference is it more obvious to see the difference in power, while it is not extremely overwhelming for the knight with the lower stats, the knight with higher stats will generally overpower the lower.  

  • 10-14 Point Difference – Very Noticeable, At this difference it is obvious to see who is the more powerful knight from the very beginning. The knight lower may not be able to keep up at all with the knight higher.

  • 15+ Point Difference – Extremely Noticeable, At this difference the knight with lower stats stands little chance against the higher. The higher knight may be an entirely different rank or higher, and way overpowered in comparison to the lower.

** Keep in mind! ** Stats Points and Spell Rank both factor in true combat! Think of spells as basic tools that can be slightly more or less effective depending on the skill of the knight who uses them. IE A junior magic attack spell cast by a knight with 6 points higher in attack is may be able to overpower a similar rank spell over the magic knight with 6 points lower.

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