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Roscoe G. Bertrand [NPC]

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1 Roscoe G. Bertrand [NPC] on Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:47 am


Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class

"I have finally found a home! You will never take that away from me!"

-Roscoe G. Bertrand

Name: Roscoe G. Bertrand
Age: 16
Birthday: December 3rd 
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 91 lbs
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Gray


Roscoe is an underdeveloped adolescent. He’s skinny and short, and if it weren’t for his ghastly appearance, he could be easily mistaken as a young kid. His hair is long and bombastic, struggling to make up for his small stature. He’s got beady gray eyes, adding to his unsettling appearance. His ears are pointed, and his face possesses a sort of form that makes him extremely strange to look at, and has earned him more than his fair share of crude remarks.

Hard-working and strong-willed, Roscoe doesn’t give up easily. Ever since it became apparent that his physical size would be such a disadvantage for him, Roscoe has worked hard, holding tight to the dream of being a Magic Knight, an ambition he has since discarded. Roscoe is extremely eager to please those who he looks up to. Right now, those people are Joseph and Pollux, whom he’s extremely grateful to for giving him a place to fit in after his years of struggling. As part of the Barrel Troupe, he feels a sense of fulfillment he’s never had before.

Within the group, he’s the support, of sorts, a role he’s exceedingly proud of. Roscoe inherently enjoys helping people, but his criminal tendencies come from wanting to help the people he looks to, which has warped him into a cruel person that loyally the follows the orders of the others in the Barrel Troupe. Well read and intelligent, Roscoe is probably the smartest member of the Troupe, though he’d never assert such a thing. Despite this, he’s probably the least reliable of them in a fight.

Roscoe was abandoned at birth. While no reason was ever given, he’s often been told by more cruel peers that it was because of his strangely formed face. Growing up in an orphanage, he struggled to find role models and figures to look up towards. But, early in his childhood, he had a close experience with some Magic Knights, a group of Crimson Lion and Azure Deer magic knights that protected his hometown from an attack against dark wizards.

Since that day, he trained to become a magic knight, getting up early every morning to train his body and practice his magic. He was absolutely positive that through putting his everything into his pursuit, he would surely be accepted by this exclusive, important group, even when he struggled to fit in elsewhere. But, from day one of his training it was clear he was less than mediocre in both fields of sorcerous aptitude and physical capabilities.

Nevertheless, he was overjoyed to receive his very own grimoire, and as soon as he did, the boy redoubled his efforts to hone his skills. Despite everyone telling him to lower his expectations, and others at the orphanage mocking him for his efforts, Roscoe persevered. And, when that fateful day of the entrance exams came, he was beyond positive that at least one squadron would be able to find a place for him.

But, Roscoe was wrong, and failed miserably at the exams. Not a single squadron invited him to join their ranks. Cast into the pits of despair, he ran into Pollux and Joseph soon after. They complimented the boy on his skills, and told him he had potential that they could help him control. Overjoyed at the attention the two were giving them, Roscoe joined up with the Troupe as soon as he could. While he was initially uncomfortable with their crimes, he’s come to accept it as natural, and embrace the practice for the sake of impressing his new role models.

Elemental Type: Wood

Magic Specialization: (Supplementary Creation and Golem Creation
Combat Style: Roscoe lets his Golems do the fighting for him. He’ll either use a swarm of wooden crows to attack, or summon a large Giant Sized Golem in the shape of a ferocious lion, reminiscent of the power of the Crimson Lion mages that once protected him. Otherwise, his Transportation spell lets him act as the getaway driver for the Barrel Troupe. He’s more than willing to battle by himself to prove his own skills, or listen raptly to the orders of Pollux and Joseph.

Face Claim: Bonz - Yu-Gi-Oh!

PowerStaminaSpeedSensoryControlStat Total
46 31 


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