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Pollux Z. Pott [NPC]

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1 Pollux Z. Pott [NPC] on Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:39 am


Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class

"I'm lettin' 'er ride! Your boy is all in!"

-Pollux Z. Pott

Name: Pollux Z. Pott
Age: 19
Birthday: May 22nd
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gray


With a strong jaw and a tanned complexion, Pollux may be considered a conventionally attractive guy, if it wasn’t for an obnoxious voice and startling hairstyle. Pollux has thick eyebrows and beady eyes, giving him a chronically intense glare. He dresses pretty casually, he likes to let his attitude be what helps him stand out.

Pollux is a loudmouthed gambling addict. He loves games and competitions, and views his criminal lifestyle as the ultimate gamble. Every time he and the Troupe commit to a scheme, he’s letting it all ride on his own skills, and he loves every second. Pollux is willing to go out of his way to test his luck or his ability in a fight that’s as daring as possible. Paired with this gambler’s proclivity is a tendency towards cheating and underhanded ploys.

His role in the Barrel Troupe is as its muscle. He’s got the greatest battle sense among the trio, and he loves to hold his abilities over the heads of the others. It can lead to him being a little too cocksure when it comes to combat, or other things in general. He’s always doing what he can to raise the stakes of every operation for the sake of enjoying it a bit more. Despite that attitude, he will do everything he can to succeed in his missions, and loves getting away with the prize he’s after.

Raised the son of two married librarians, Pollux seemed to be loud from the moment of his birth. He resented the quiet, safe lifestyle of his mother and father, and often snuck out to get into whatever trouble he could find. Even as a kid, he would set up games and competitions with die and cards. By the time he’d received his grimoire, Pollux had set up a shanty casino in the back of the library with a dozen or so other neighborhood kids.

When his parents discovered the operation, they were furious with the young boy, who instantly took the chance to run away, thinking he was better than the safe and monotonous lifestyle his family wanted for him. Once Pollux received his grimoire, he started traveling across Clover, doing odd jobs for money to burn in any sorts of games, betting on illegal magic fights, letting it ride at a ritzy casino, or betting on his own skills in some burglary or another.

Before he was even nineteen, Pollux was well known for wasting money and stealing it right back. His notoriety brought his path into an intersection with the other members of the Barrel Troupe. He wasn’t too interested in tying himself down to a group, but once he started brining in the money from their operations, he stopped protesting and learned to fall in love with the Troupe, to which he’s been surprisingly loyal to.

Elemental Type: Fire

Magic Specialization: Attack Creation and Sensory.

Combat Style: Pollux uses his fire in a haphazard wild fashion, casting fire magic maniacally and wielding a heat sensing spell to locate his targets. He's eager to trade blows for others, and will use any and all available tactics to ensure victory with no mercy.

Face Claim: Zygor - Yu-Gi-Oh!

PowerStaminaSpeedSensoryControlStat Total
1216 84242


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