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Lysander Rouge, Crimson Lion Captain

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1 Lysander Rouge, Crimson Lion Captain on Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:59 pm

“Lysander Rouge, and yes the stories are true. I picked the name myself.”

-Lysander Rouge

Name: Lysander Rouge
Age: 47
Birthday: April 2
Height: 6' 6'' ~ 198 cm
Weight: 230 lbs ~ 104 kg
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Amber

Captain of the Crimson Lion

A senior captain, Lysander has a commanding aura, radiating an immense magical prowess. His crimson red hair is short and spiked, with a few strands laying casually on his face. He stands the tallest among the captains with a defined muscular physique. He can be found in mostly casual attire, leather jackets and dark pants and boot, and keeps hiimself proper in appearances. He usually only wears the cape of squad on formal occasions. He has tan skin from years of training outside, with occasional burns and scars marring most of his body.  As a habitual smoker, he often can be found with a cigarette in his fingers, casually lighting it up with his Fire magic.

As one of the eldest captains of the order, Lysander is respected as a leader and elite magic knight. He is reserved upon first meeting him, and often intimidating with just his silence and quiet responses. However, this hardened persona has come to him after a rather wild streak of his childhood and young adult years. Though it is hard to believe that once upon a time, Lysander was considered a reckless and wild rookie magic knight. He has learned to put the past behind him, mostly… though the infamously hot temper of his lets itself out on occasion.

Coming from a poor background, Lysander is one of the few captains of the order to come from a background that isn’t of nobility or even of a house standing. Lysander was a street orphan, his surname ‘Rouge’ was one he picked himself from long ago, meaning ‘red’ like his blazing fire magic and like the Crimson Lion he idolized. As a result, he detests the noble elitism that is often the barrier between Magic Knights themselves and the people they are supposed to protect. Though his presence has matured throughout the years, he never is afraid to say what it on his mind if he sees injustice before him, sometimes coming off quite crude or blatantly honest. To Lysander, a magic knight stands strong and powerful for the people they protect and the Kingdom that they bound to by honor. On the battlefield, he is a blazing flame of fire and controlled destruction.

Like his fire magic, Lysander does have a blazing temper. However, it is maintained by rather cool and almost laid persona. His sternness and reserved attitude is, more or less, only a face he puts on for formal occasion and general meetings between the Captains, the Emperor, and the Queen. While he does run his squad with military-like discipline, he is often considered more of a father figure to his Magic Knights, always available as to lend an ear or piece of advice and the occasional smoke (though he advises against taking up the habit to others). He has known Kuroko Oushi, Captain of the Black Bull, since childhood, back when both were young and reckless street kids and throughout their initial years in the Order. They have a uniquely close relationship and joking rivalry, being among the oldest captains of the Order. Lysander however, often dislikes being reminded of just how old he is, though has begrudgingly accepted the moniker of ‘Old Man Sander’ from many of his Squad's Magic Knights.

Lysander Rouge was just once known as ‘Lysander,’ an orphan named only for the single note left with the basket that was left with him at an orphanage in the Common Region. The note read, ‘Please take care of my Lysander.’

Growing up an orphan in the Common region was all of Lysander early childhood and adolescence. While the church orphanage wasn’t impoverished or decrepit, the young Lysander preferred to spend most of his time exploring the busy merchant city, often hanging out with the more rebellious and wild street kids. Even from a young age, Lysander was wild and reckless, stealing and often causing trouble just for the thrill of it. As he showed affinity for fire magic at youth, he was also often the cause of many small fires and general destruction.

As a youth, Lysander had felt there was nothing for him besides a life of delinquency and petty crime. He was an orphan, a commoner in a world run by elites and Magic Knights of the same caliber. Lysander didn’t initially believe in the Order, only knowing them as the stuck up nobles policing the city and dragging him back to the orphanage when they caught him. However, it was during these years of his youth that Lysander would meet a very strange girl, her name Kuroko Oushi.  

Kuroko had a family, she had a nice cushiony life and a home. Yet, for some reason, the girl always wanted to try and get involved with the antics of street kids and their escapades. Lysander always made fun of her for being small and having a strange accent from overseas. Though she was technically older than him, he was always taller, something he would pester her about for years to come. It was through Kuroko that Lysander first heard of a different kind of Magic Knight, the kind that wasn’t a noble elitist, but one that stood for everyone , who stood for justice and for honor, not just power and greed. Lysander did have a few meetings with Kuroko’ s own idol, Tsukiyomi, the then current captain of the Black Bull, the first magic Knight that the boy ever truly respected.

As Kuroko was two years older than him, she would receive her grimoire and have a chance at the Magic Knight entrance exams before him. Of course, she would end up being picked by Tsukiyomi and join the Black Bull, leaving Lysander behind. But Lysander promised her that he would become a magic knight and her greatest rival. The two years passed and Lysander soon received his grimoire, one of blazing fire magic,  and quickly entered the exams the following fall. Though Tsukiyomi had stood forth for wanting him, the young Lysander’s pride prevented him from wanting to join the very same squad as Kuroko. Instead,  he took a risk beyond anything before, and went with one of the few other Squad Captains that wanted him, the Crimson Lion's Captain, Horace Vermilion.  

Though Lysander had become considerably less wild from his younger years as a street orphan, he was still rather reckless and rash as a rookie magic knight. Often he clashed with other members of Squad, some believing that a nameless street orphan had no place with the magic knights of the order. Yet during this time, Lysander came under some direct tutelage of the Captain of the Crimson Lion himself. Horace Vermilion was indeed a noble of the Vermilion house, one of the many Vermilion to have ever been Captain of the Crimson Lion, yet he cared not for names or nobility, he only saw the strength in others and judged them by that power and work they put forth. Despite Lysander being impulsive and disagreeable with fellow knights, he was still unprecedentedly powerful with an impressive magical aura even as a common born orphan.

Horace took Lysander under his wing, becoming a mentor and father figure that Lysander had never had before. Though as always initially wary and rebellious, the young Magic Knight soon came to respect the ways of discipline and control that Horace taught, coming to master his own impulsiveness and fiery temper. As time passed, Lysander had become one of the strongest magic knights in his squad and the next candidate for Crimson Lion Captain, just as Kuroko was becoming Captain of the Black Bull. Lysander then picked the surname ‘Rouge' meaning ‘Red’ like the Crimson Lion he had come to represent and the Captain Horace Vermilion that he knew as his father.

As Captain of the Crimson Lion today, Lysander watches over training of his magic knights and the defenses of the Clover Kingdom during a time of tense peace. He can be found often training with his squad at the Crimson Lion’s headquarters or simply having a smoke in the libraries of the base.

Elemental Type: Fire

Magic Specialization:

  • Attack/Attack-Creation
  • Supplementary-Creation

Combat Style: Though he is more well known as ‘Old Man Sander,’ it does little to portray his masterful control of the battlefield.  Lysander is one of the strongest and sturdiest Captains in the Order, rivaling the Golden Dawn Captain in pure power. Though  of common birth, Lysander has a large magical prowess and mana reserves, dealing out large and powerful attacks without mercy to any target. He focuses from large scale flaming tornadoes to engulf enemies, to physical confrontations with fists of fire and burning hot blaze.

Face Claim: Rider - Fate/Zero

PowerStaminaSpeedSensoryControlStat Total
105 10590 10090490


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