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Zhang's Grimoire

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1 Zhang's Grimoire on Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:42 am


Junior Magic Knight 5th Class

Junior Spells

Murder of Crows:
Name of Spell: Murder of Crows
Elemental Type: Copper
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Golem Creation/Sensory Golems
Range: 30m
Mana Cost: 10/5 plus 1 mana upkeep for each crow
Stats: 1 swarm has have base stats of 3 with +2 sensory bonus, 1 swarm gives +1 sensory stat to Zhang and -1 stat to target attacked by the whole flock of crows
Description: Summons a murder of crows that does his bidding. Each crow are armed with razor sharp claws and beaks that can rend flesh. They can be used to spy or scout the surrounding area, relaying information back to him as they soar thought the sky. They can also engage his enemies, attacking with their beaks and claws or distract them by batting theirs wing and limiting their line of sight.

Roll a Die:
Name of Spell: Roll a Die
Elemental Type: Copper
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Attack Creation
Range: 30m
Mana Cost: 10
Stats: Single/Multiple when die lands 6
Description: Zhang hold out his open palm and a fast spinning dice appears. The dice is no bigger than a coin, and is ebony black in color with red dots to indicate each side. The dice will only stop spinning once he flicks it to his target, revealing a number from 1-6.

The number indicates the increase of speed of the projectile, increasing 5 mph per die rolled on base speed of 35 mph. If the dice lands on a 6, it will shatter upon impact and release a spray of copper shrapnel within 3 meters of the point of impact.

Shrapnel causes 1-2 inch cuts or puncture wounds while die impact without explosion causes 1-2 inch puncture wound or blunt force truma.

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