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Moira Vermillion

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1 Moira Vermillion on Sat Oct 07, 2017 12:29 am

"Life goes on... with or without you."

-Moira Vermillion

Name: Moira Vermillion
Age: 18
Birthday: December 2nd
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 147 lbs
Hair Color: Indigo
Eye Color: Amber

Wandering Magic Knights

Moira is a large but yet small woman. She has a very slender hourglass shape, with her torso being longer than a normal woman. Her skin is a pale white, having little to almost no color. Normally, Moira keeps her hair short, never past her shoulders, and has a bang over one of her eyes. Her eyes are thin and slanted, complimenting her amber eye color, making her look older than she actually is. Both Moira's legs and arms are long and thin, both of which she's most likely to be showing a good portion of her clothing is somewhat revealing. Most of the time, Moira paints her nails either black or a deep shade of purple, depending on her mood.

Moira's overall personality is classified as an INTJ.

Moira tends to keep to herself most of the time, not liking to talk with other people. Most of the time she blames her shyness, but in truth, Moira just likes herself more than other people. When she's alone she tends to pass the time by reading books or, on occasion, pester her siblings and causing her to break out of her bubble.

When it comes to making a decision, Moira tends to go with herself before anyone around her. She's able to understand the situation and react to it with her best judgment. This trait makes it somewhat hard for her to take orders from higher-ups, thus she tries not to get herself into bad situations too often.

Moira's intelligence is higher than an average person. So much that it tends to affect her everyday life and her interaction with those around her. Whenever Moira mentions a fact, she tends to bring up wherever she has gotten it from and recite the specific quote.

She has a hard time making friends due to the fact that she likes to judge people. It's less so that she likes to do it, but she ends up doing it way too often. Moira ends up being brutally honest when criticizing people and gives people tips on how to become a better person, like her. She hates it when people act like they are superior, though she does the same thing herself.

Despite her perfectionist qualities, Moira still has her flaws. First off, she's quite clumsy and irresponsible, constantly dropping fragile items and misplacing important ones, people end up not entrusting her with important tasks. She also tends to not understand when and when not to be serious. Now and again she'll hold crucial information due to not knowing when to give it up.

Moira was born into one of, if not the biggest, noble families, the Vermillions. In her family, her mother was the Vermillion while her father had married into the family, him being a commoner from the streets that somehow ended up in love with a noblewoman. At the time of their love, everyone from Moira's mother's side of the family had hated her father. It was uncommon and unorthodox for a royal to have relations with a commoner. But being as stubborn as Moira, her mother didn't listen nor did she care. And with that, they married and had 4 children.

Moira was the third child. By the time she was a toddler, her older two siblings were off doing their own things, leaving Moira to herself most of her time throughout her early childhood. Being part of a prestigious family, she was homeschooled along with her older siblings, but they seemed to not pay her any mind unless it was for answers. Surprisingly, Moira didn't develop a disliking towards her siblings. Granted she didn't put them on a pedestal either, they were more strangers in her eyes.

Moira received her grimoire at 15, though she wasn't exactly interested in pursuing a magic knight position, instead choosing allocating her time to her studies, something she valued as much more important. Though once she had learned everything she could at the age of 17, Moira finally decided to use her grimoire and see what the magic knights had for her.

Character Perks:
Stamina Boost:
After initial Character Creation, Stat points delegated to your stamina stat only count for double. Such as 1 point to stamina equals 2 points to stamina

Mana Pool Plus:
Instead of adding 10 to your mana pool for every 5 points to stamina, you can add 15 to your mana pool for every 5 points to stamina.

Defense Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Defense/Defense-Creation Magic, during combat only, you have +3 to your Stamina stat.

(Does not effect size of your mana pool)

Elemental Type: Light

Magic Specialization: Defensive Creation, Supplementary Creation

Combat Style: Moira likes to stay away from the confusion of battle if she can, most of the times she ends up being a bystander than an actual participant. Though when she does fight, Moira still keeps her distance, utilizing the range of her spells to still be in the fight while also being in the back. Most of her spells have some sort of movement to them, allowing Moira to relocate in a fight and still be able to defend herself. While she doesn't have anything offensive, she does keep an eye on the entire battlefield, in case one of her allies require her assistance.

Quote(s): N/A

Trivia: N/A

Face Claim: Konan - Naruto

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2 Re: Moira Vermillion on Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:45 pm

Everything looks good, approved!

Now go ahead and make your first spells here

And don't forget to also set up a stat page here!

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