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Titans Approach [Zadi, Seoul]

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1 Titans Approach [Zadi, Seoul] on Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:15 am


Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class

Manjome walked down the beaten streets, he staggered through a tightly packed crowd before coming out on the opposite end. The kid had wondered into a village known as Kikka days earlier. These were the slums, the castle wasn't too off in the distance, but definitely on the other end of the map. You might ask yourself why would our esteemed dickwad choose Kikka of all places?

Well, it was a good town to find one's beginnings. Which is exactly where a future criminal like the boy himself would go... He needed his start, not just for his story to open but to find his bearings. His direction... With all the shops around, his plans were to get a good weapon first. Everything here was shit though, of course that was nothing new in old Clover Kingdom. Nonetheless it struck a nerve on Manji's mind.

"What the hell..."

This place was nothing like back home. In the port town Manjome hailed from, he was given everything; it was all very different out here. He liked it this way, and he hated it as you might imagine. After all, he was throwing himself into a pit of pigs in the hopes of finding fellow diamonds in the rough. Others with the same kind of appreciation for chaos. So far, he'd been left astray. Completely alone in his mission to tilt the world, and ruin this planet. Finding others like himself? It was next to impossible.

That sliver of possibility though? Manjome Katsuhiko was just the right amount of crazy to search it out. A blessing and a curse it was, having determination that bordered insanity.

His walk persisted until he was on the emptier side of the market area. Only a few people here and there passed by. The mage's feet took to the ground slowly while he pressed forward, pecking at the gravel flooring. Two hands sat loosely at his sides. "People can be so predictable," he sighed. Stopping to look down an alleyway, where a woman was being pressed to a wall by three men. Manjome thought about helping her get away. His attention sat there a few moments. Then, almost as if he'd seen nothing at all he went on by. Proving that his sympathy just wasn't all there.

And it wasn't.

For one so stuck inside his own head, the steps taken were heard like loud lashes to a drum. Manji just wasn't the same as these commoners, he never would be. His destiny was worth leagues more than theirs. For a snake as toxic as the boy, he just couldn't tell what it was like. What could it be? The thing that allowed everyone in this world to go about being so unimportant. The world lacked everything that it needed. Revolution being a prime example. This facade of happiness they "sometimes" carried around with them?

"They make me puke."

Acceptance of poverty? Losing their loved ones? ... Humans are weak in that aspect. They're nothing short of pathetic! They lack ambition! Manji didn't though, he was more than a human. If you regarded him as the same, well, he took it to offense. He hated his species, someday he'd make that known.

To him, his future was painted in the stars, he wasn't born to be the Magic Emperor, but instead he was born to outshine and cut such a figment of folklore out of existence! The demons failed, they were tools of the past. A new evil had to loom on the brink somewhere.

Not that Manjome denied he was a petty thug in his current state, in fact he was nothing short of a spoiled brat turned into a serial killer. A filthy aristocrat hoping to delve his dark element further. Those weren't typical reasons to go on manhunts, but again, he wasn't normal. Today he decided he'd look for yet another interesting challenger. Maybe, he would spare someone for once. Or maybe, just maybe. He would create an ally. All villains needed connections. But who even qualified? Surely no one did.

"Nope. Not a soul."

The Fungus Mage was always in his head. He hadn't noticed how far the street had carried him until he was already there. He stared forward now, after coming to a close stop at the entrance to the town. His hand ran against a stone fence beside him, he was at the edge of this city, the outskirts so he must have been really zoning out on his way here. Two eyes, one of gold and the other a brilliant scarlet looked about the area. This was a nice spot, quiet. It was too good not to marvel at, the boy waited there, eyes trained on the road lying ahead. He leaned on the fence, propping his arms on the sides. Someone was bound to cross paths with him, with how he just posted himself up. Fate would gawk at what a friendly intuition, it had spawned. Because today marked the day everything spiraled out of the norm.


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2 Re: Titans Approach [Zadi, Seoul] on Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:08 am


Panting, sweating, and overall exhausted from a constant sprint way from danger, the young thief felt home free when the light at the end of the alleyway shiny brightly in the distance. The thief had just stolen from a seemingly wealthy individual, a haul to top all hauls. Fine looking garments and a sack full of more gold coins than thought possible from a single theft! This thief felt on top of the world, especially being able to run away from such a scary victim; even before stealing from the tall blonde man, the eyes of a predator were fixed within the skull of the otherwise normal looking tailor. Victim of the thievery aside, the thief felt proud of the physical reinforcement being used on such scrawny legs.

He was fucking fast! I thought I wasn't going to get away, but I learned a new spell in the nick of time! Hah! I just need to make my way into daylight and he won't be able to kill me without someone else noticing...I can't wait to look her in the eyes and tell her I have food to eat-!?

However, the situation did not go as planned for the humble thief; daylight shone upon the thief, but running was no longer possible. A tight tugging sensation on the thief's right ankle tripped the thief. A face full of dirt greeted the thief's hungry mouth as the tugging sensation turned into a fight for survival. When did he- I can't get it off! I need to call- wait, then he'll oust me as a thief and I'll be punished...then I won't be able to see her ever again. I need to fight him, I have no other choi-!?

If Manjome Katsuhiko was vigilant enough, he'd be the only one to see the thief being forcefully dragged into a dark alleyway by what looked to be a thin blue line, crackling with electricity. No matter how much time would pass, the thief would not return from the alleyway. Not even a sound could be heard from the dark alleyway. Would Manjome Katsuhiko be curious enough to investigate or shrug off the sight of a dirty individual disappearing into nothingness? Nobody else seemed to see what just happened, so if anyone was going to do anything of importance, Manjome Katsuhiko would be the only capable.

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Name of Spell: Tether of Strength
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Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Supplementary Creation
Range: 30 meters
Mana Cost: 10 | 5
Stats: -
Description: The user creates lightning in the form of a tether capable of varying in size up to 30 meters in length. Either end of the tether is able to be attached to nearly any solid surface (excluding rubber/slippery surfaces). The user's Power stat factors into the grip strength of both ends of the tether and the force necessary to cut/break the tether. However, 225 kg is the maximum weight the tether can hold, regardless of the user's Power stat. The user is able to freely control the length of the tether (extension/contraction speed of up to 65 km/h) and what the tether is attached to at any given moment, but the user must always be touching the tether in some way.

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3 Re: Titans Approach [Zadi, Seoul] on Sun Nov 12, 2017 11:02 am


Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class

Manj's eyes darted from the direction of the road before him, to an alleyway. Some unknown individual tripped into the dirt, the sound of his body hitting the pavement peeped his whereabouts to the mage. Manji wasn't far away, so he decided to make his stunning introduction, he hadn't had any conflicts in Kikka yet, but that could all change.

Manjome's lips curled upwards. Someone was not having a good day; and by the looks of it, this was their last day. Veils of shade cast down between the building while the Fungi Mage neared it's open entry. He was not a God fearing man, but he was cautious as you might imagine. He could barely make out was inside at all, so the mystery of the victim was like bait for a fellow killer, it was alluring.

The deeper one tried to peer into the alleyway, the less they could see. Light was trapped above, and so it was pretty dark on the inside, not to mention the sun was setting on the horizon. If you gandered long enough you might make out the shape of a huge Goliath-sized being. Was it a Golem? Or a man?

Never failing to push himself into the fray, Manjome walked all the way in at that moment, hands tucked behind his head, he sniffed, proudly taking in the smell of shit and dirt. Though, gagging and coughing on it nigh immediately after. Today, fate delivered Zadi to Manj's door step, or vice versa, the other way around. The Fungus Mage didn't know this guy, but he certainly would in due time.

"Whew, what do we have here."

The boy moved his hands to his sides, and then waved his right hand outwards gesturing towards the half hidden monster of a man. Signaling the blonde to step up and speak. He couldn't see the body of the thief, perhaps it was behind the garbage cans? The darkness didn't allow peering eyes to obtain the data. So be it. Manjome wasn't foolish enough to go all the way inside so he would make due. He'd await the questionable entity that murdered this petty robber to speak for himself. That's all. Or at least tell him that the bystander was a thief in general, after all, so many things were left unsaid.

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4 Re: Titans Approach [Zadi, Seoul] on Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:41 am


The thief was dealt with. How the thief was dealt with did not matter. What mattered most during this point in time was recovering his gold and salvaging his ruined cloths and garments which were meant to be sold. The blonde tailor, victim to the thief, thankfully didn't have to worry about the state of his large, feather cloak, still dyed the perfect shade of pink. Anyway, another matter needed attending to; someone saw Zadi commit a crime. Regardless of the reasons behind killing the thief, the thief was still a citizen of the Clover Kingdom, a human being with rights. Granted, the chances any random individual within Kikka would actually care about a petty thief were slim to none, but those chances were different this time. Someone actually followed the distressed thief into the darkness.

Zadi, the blonde tailor, former victim of the thief, had already put away his spells and grimoire, but not his javelin, his trusty Tailor's Tool. The blood soaked weapon was evidence of Zadi's crime, so the individual looking into the darkness of the alleyway, right at Zadi, needed to be dealt with. The tension had risen since Manjome peered down the alleyway and continued to rise until Zadi spoke, "When facing death's mighty door, an individual's true character peeks through their typical bullshit. This thief admitted to stealing out of necessity for another. Do you want to find out what you will say?"

If Manjome had sharp eyes, he'd be able to see a wide, toothy grin on Zadi's face after speaking sinister words. Disregarding the blonde tailor's facial expression, the words he spoke had clear implications woven into them. Perhaps Manjome's next response would trigger a chase, a direct confrontation, or simply quell the tension entirely. No telling until the immediate future unfolds. Though, one last action taken after speaking might force a specific outcome from a coward; a split moment after speaking, Zadi decided to step forward into what little light shone into the darkness in order to reveal his flamboyant self. Come my day. Wait! Better yet, fight! My itch hasn't been scratched yet.

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5 Re: Titans Approach [Zadi, Seoul] on Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:47 am


Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class

"Interesting. The way you put that into the air. But not very polite, I wanted to get on a first name basis before we went to slaughtering each other. You're making that harder by the minute."

The boy pushed his hair back, allowing his dual colored irises to peer beyond the veil. He could read out shape, but his enemy had grounds for an advantage. That is... Until he stepped into the light afterwards.

"You're just some rodent for me to exterminate."

When faced with a mighty challenge. The snake bares it's fangs. Warning it's opposition, threatening it with poisons, muscles, or both. Toxic. Predator-like. But it too had worries to think about... It had fears beyond what lied on the surface. To say Manjome wasn't drawn cautious at the hulking seven foot tall killer, would be a lie. This was clearly the largest opposition he had ever faced up to this point. But he wouldn't run. He was too proud to say no to a game of kill or be killed.

The time to rise was now. The red-haired boy had no qualm with a fellow criminal. However, two similar forces of chaos were sure to make a bang. Taking advantage of the dark, Manjome reached at his sides; holding a now curious grin aloft his lips. He watched the fiend before him give off his warnings-- it seemed the giant figured the noble was going to run away. The opportunity to be kind was out the door.

"Good bye."

Manjome was playing his game as smart as possible. He'd be ready to leap out of the way at any point, had Zadi initiated an attack while or before he uttered a peep that entire time. However, a mist had already escaped into the air as Manjome started his speech, Zadi wouldn't be able to see it in the shadows, unless he could sense the mana leaking out at an expert level, and know to get away. Spores would fester all over his new 'friends' body, including around his eyes and ears. Small yellow bumps, ready to activate at the beat of a drum.

These could be detonated for flash bang's only on targets caught in the AoE range; unprotected. Because the spell moved eighteen meters a second, and that Zadi was no more than twelve feet away. It was unlikely the tall man was going to be able to avoid a spell of such intricate design and use. Again, escaping wasn't impossible, but due to the location and the fact he was wrapped up in conversation, where was a Goliath going to hide? It wasn't plausible. The garbage cans were much too far away for a person of Zadi's size to reach before the spell got to him first. Even if the Giant did interrupt Manji's lines, the spell would go off with Manji ready to dart away at the turn of a dial.

It was a simple game of move first. Judging by actions displayed-- that was going to be Manji. Manjome's body pushed forward showing zero hesitation, his movments were slow like he was walking, unafraid of the large item now gleaming in the dim light. There were ways to get around pole arms, especially the kind that functioned merely to thrust with. This hulk was underestimating the power of a madman. Of a rich, powerful, insane individual. He deserved execution.

Walking forward, the boy would be ready to set off his ability. On top of such a thing, he would reach the monster in little under five seconds; simply striding forward in a dull pace. As if to allow his enemy the chance to catch the bait. True, Zadi possessed speed the likes of which could blow Manjome away, but it was such a thing Manji was hoping for. Such a beast of a man was sure to lunge for the attack. This whole play was the butter on the bread. The cunning snake to catch and swallow it's larger predator...

Fear is not bullshit. Cowardice is not a weakness. Arrogance is not foolish. Positivity can be cruel. Time to get educated.

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6 Re: Titans Approach [Zadi, Seoul] on Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:05 am


"Easy now, let's talk before any violence takes place."

Sure Zadi wanted to fight a strong individual, but the stranger in front of him wasn't as easy to read as the recently killed thief, not to mention everyone else Zadi had killed in his lifetime. However, chasing down the thief was also tiring and Manjome wasn't running away. A fight would definitely ensue if Zadi didn't quell the tension sooner rather than later. He isn't running but instead trying to get closer. He seems worth talking to, especially considering his attitude. Zadi's posture relaxed with his predatory grin shrinking but only a little; this was a thrilling situation after all.

"Instead of saying goodbye, let's exchange greetings. Zadi Zeido, tailor extraordinaire. I've been hobby hunting for a while now and you're the first to confront me so effortlessly. You must have faced death's door once before and come out who you are now. So humor me a little, what's your story?"

Zadi felt an odd connection to the young man in front of him. Perhaps they were similar in their ideologies or totally different. The one fact Zadi could draw from Majome's response was Manjome's experience with death; the stranger in front of blonde tailor had seen death's mighty door, one way or another. In a continued attempt to quell the tension, Zadi squatted with his arms resting on his knees, shortening his intimidating stature. Zadi could be a reasonable predator when he tried, but could Manjome do the same? The blonde tailor obviously didn't trust Manjome would let down his physical and mental defenses just because a stranger talked and squatted; Zadi's leg muscles were tensed up, ready to take whatever action necessary to either explode closer or hide in the shadows.

Making him an ally feels like a better idea than preying upon him. I hope he feels the same way, heh.

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