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Out n' In

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1 Out n' In on Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:17 pm


Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class

Name of Spell: Out n' In
Elemental Type: Fungi
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Transport
Range: N/A
Mana Cost: 10 (5 Upkeep)
Stats: N/A
The caster focuses their mana, releasing purple fungus stemming out of the ground directly below themselves. The fungus moves fast, and travels over the backside of the caster, creating what looks to be two white mushrooms on each shoulder, two below the biceps, one on each calf muscle, and finally one on each elbow. The shrooms do not hinder a user's movement, but instead allow one to move with increased mobility, 40 mph ~ 65 km/h speed (as fast as a horse gallop), this applies to not only dash speed, but swing speed as well. The shrooms can be willed in different directions the same way you would move an arm or a leg-- as they are now extensions of the body, including downwards, enabling flight if that is the desired outcome. Since all movements are done in rapid thrusts they require no bodily movements/gestures, top speed can be obtained instantly whereas it normally takes four seconds to launch at someone's max run speed. The thrust is created due to the propulsion it has on the appendages and/or body. Whenever the propulsion occurs, the shrooms surrounding the body spin and blow air outwards to allow the user lift off at a glance, (think of it like propellers on a plane).

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2 Re: Out n' In on Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:26 am


Intermediate Magic Knight 2nd Class
Nice description man.

Full Approval
Go to Emperor's appproval to get your gold deducted and then while you decrease your spell point.. add this into your grimoire.

Happy RPing!


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