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Jett King's Stat Page

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1 Jett King's Stat Page on Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:10 am

Jett King


Character Perks:
Master Controller:
After initial character creation, stat points delegated to you control stat only count for double. Such as 1 point to control equals 2 points to control.
Arcane Knowledge:
You earn double the amount of spell points per thread.

PowerStaminaSpeedSensoryControlStat Total


Spell Points: 14

Thread Link

Grand Re-opening+15 Spell PointsSpell points added06/10/2017
Jett's initial spells-15 Spell Points3 junior spells added to Grimoire06/10/2017
Same old, same old??+1 Spell Points (+2 due to perk), +1 Stat pointAdded 2 Spell Points, Added 1 Stat point to Stamina16/10/2017
Hopes of diamond and crystal+2 Spell Points (+4 due to perk), +2 Stat pointAdded 4 Spell Points, Added 4 stat points to Control17/10/2017
Humble Beginings+3 Spell Points (+6 due to perk), +3 Stat pointAdded 6 Spell Points, Added 3 stat points to Speed18/10/2017
Jett's new spells-15 Spell Points3 added junior spells to Grimoire19/10/2017
Broommaker in need+1 Spell Points (+2 due to perk), +1 Stat point. Mr.Whisk's BroomAdded spell points, Added 2 stat points to Control, Added Mr. Whisk's Broom to Inventory19/10/2017
N/A+10 Mana, +3 Control, +3 StaminaStats and mana added as per Gold Tier Grimoire20/10/2017

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