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Rurila's Grimoire

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1 Rurila's Grimoire on Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:25 pm


Junior Spells

Name of Spell: Weeping Whip
Elemental Type: Blood
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type:Attack Creation
Range: 4 meters
Mana Cost: 10/5
Stats: N/A
Description: Blood starts to leak out from her cloudy eye profusely, which Rurila then takes and forms into a 4 meter long whip. She then proceeds to use the blood whip as a weapon, using it to lash out from a short distance. Alternatively the blood comes out and she just throws it at the opponent, curving it so that it would leave a mark. With its limited range, it's more for close combat.

Name of Spell: Bloody Kiss
Elemental Type: Blood
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type:Healing
Range: Up close and personal, self (No range)
Mana Cost: 10
Stats: N/A
Description: Blood starts to leak out from where Rurila's tongue has been cut and she presses a slightly open mouth to the wound. The blood then seeps into the wound and effectively seals it. It would scar, but the flesh is closed up.

Name of Spell: Black Blood
Elemental Type: Blood
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Physical Reinforcement
Range: Self (no range)
Mana Cost: 10/5
Stats: Boosts attack/power by +7
Description: Rurila's blood flows quicker throughout her body and turns her veins into a blackish color, causing them to show up. Because of how fast the blood is pumping, adrenaline flows through her as well and boosts her attack by +7. If she were to prolong the spell, it would exhaust her after the spell is finished, leaving her defenseless.

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