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Ciel's grimoire

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1 Ciel's grimoire on Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:49 pm

Ciel's Grimoire

The cover of Grimoire appears image what appears to be a woman with horns on it. The colour of Grimoire itself is a maroon with a goldish hint. When the book is opened it seems to have six spell's per page out of hundreds of pages. Though most seem to be currently blank.

When using magic the grimoire seems to emit high amount heat with A bright yet hazy reddish colour emanating from it. Sometimes the grimoire is even said to make a twisted feminine like giggle though that is just a rumour.

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2 First 3 spells of Page 1 on Fri Nov 10, 2017 1:53 pm

Name of Spell:Mystic Corrosion Fists
Elemental Type:Steam  
Spell Rank:Junior
Spell Type:Attack Creation
Mana Cost:10+5
Stats: -4 stamina
Description: The spell takes the form of a transparent cloud of smoke around the user's hands. This spell allows Ciel to mix his martial arts skills in with his magic. When the spell makes contact with Armour or weapons of junior or passes by Metal Armour/Weapons that fall under junior rank within one meter it can melt. The magic also seems to be able to leave small burn marks on opponents. When making a direct hit when passing an opponent the spell seems to leave a burning sensation near the spot the user passed by.

Name of Spell:Corrosive Mist
Elemental Type:Steam
Spell Rank:Junior
Spell Type:Offensive/Sensory
Range: AOE
Mana Cost: 10+5
Stats: -4 sensory
Description: This spell creates a thick mass of corrosive steam across the battlefield. That seems to leave a burning sensation on those inside as well blinding them slightly from seeing and Throwing off their perspective.  When in a contained area the spell is able to melt all metals/earth element-based defences and weapons within Junior rank. The spell also is able to slowly leave burn marks on the opponents skin. The range of this AOE based spell can extend to about 10 meters in area and length.

Name of Spell:Steam Sight
Elemental Type:Steam
Spell Rank:Junior
Spell Type:Sensory
Mana Cost:10
Stats:+4 Sensory
Description:Ciel summons a small cloud of invisible steam that ranges from 5 to 10 meters in area. Allowing Ciel feel the mana levels of those around him pinpoint of a specific one if needed. Ciel cannot tell exactly where their magic levels are at but can tell if they are higher or lower then his own.

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