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Damien Castro

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1 Damien Castro on Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:50 pm

"Darkness isn't evil , it's the caster""

-Damien Castro

" />

Name: Damien Castro
Age: 18
Birthday: August 19th
Height: 5'9
Weight: 164 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey

Azure Deer

Facial Portion: The most notable feature's would be his Grey Pupils & Wild bushy hairstyle , which is best complimented by the beard gathering on the bottom of his chin. His facial expression always seems serious , as to his Glares often can be misunderstood by others.

Torso / Legs : He's a muscular built man with a broad chest. He's a brown mocha toned with a great melanin complexion , with a few scars here and there along his body. His usual attire consists of Sandals , a sleeveless turtleneck top  with seperate sleeves along his forearms. His pants typical combatant.

- Introverted : Damien prefers the methods of accomplishing feats by himself or be it day to day activities , though he doesn't have anything against working with others.

- Mature / Self Kept : He tends to be reserved than others his age , only speaking upon a matter that could effect his behalf or unless his opinion is necessary.

- Give and Take : He's a man that's built upon trust and respect , not as judgemental as others he gives everyone the same chance in hopes he won't be disappointed by the results.

- Strategist :  Prefers to be in the mix of Information , and a few steps ahead of others. Constantly has a contingency plan.

Birth - 5 years : Much can be remembered about his own past. He faintly remembers the look of his mother & siblings. His father told him it was a time of war between the two kingdoms which lead to the families separation. His mother had taken his older twin Siblings Gabriel & Destiny and ran after a raid on their commoner village by the Diamond Kingdom leaving Damien with his Father.

5-10 Years: With it just being Damien and his Father , they had started another life in another Commoner village closer to the towns just in the outskirts. They lived off what they hunted practically becoming a Hunting based family. Lying in wait , and pouncing when it deemed best within the situation. It was said his father had once been a Magic knight but it all changed the day that they had the twins. He couldn't bare risk his life any further living his fragile mother on edge , wondering if he'd come home from an assignment so he ran and never looked back.

15 Years - Present : Damien had taken his first Magical Knight Entrance Exams , and ended with three offers. That of Crimson Lion , Azure Deer & Black Bull. It was amazing he'd receive more than he expected though he knew which Unit he'd work best within and it'd be Azure Deer. But the rest of his history he hasn't told anyone and is yet to unfold.

Character Perks:
Mana Regen Boost:
Instead of the normal 20% Mana regeneration, your Magic Knight can regenerate 25% of their mana pool per post

Arcane Knowledge:
You earn double the amount of spell points per thread.

Elemental Type: Shadows [Darkness]

Magic Specialization:
- Attack / Attack Creation Magic
- Sensory Magic

Combat Style: Damien prefers the in & out approach in combat , relying on Quick based assaults, projectiles & future tense restraining his opponents. Some would call him an assailant of the night referring to that of some sort of Magic Ninja or Huntsman. [Will learn magic that grants him "illusions"]

Quote(s): Fear not the Darkness , fear what lurks in the darkness.

Trivia: (Any other information you'd like to add)

Face Claim: Huey Freeman [Boondocks Deviant Art]

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