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Ty smith

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1 Ty smith on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:52 pm

Ty smith


" I wanna go back to sleep! "

-Ty smith

Name: Ty smith
Age: 17
Birthday: June 31
Height: 5'7
Weight: 170
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: hazel

Wandering Magic Knight

ty smith stands five feet seven inches tall, his mocha complexion is what most people of the kingdom immediately take notice of, Another thing people notice about him when hes seen within the city is that he's always snacking on some type of junk food. another noticable thing about ty is his eyes, which is know as heterochromia iridis or heterochromia of the eye, the type of heterochromia is called complete heterochromia; this cause his left eye to yellow iris while his right has a regular hazel iris. His body isn't the most physical one, as it looked more slender in Appearance,  he often wears a pink jacket with a poorly drawn bunny in the center of.

Ty is most notable for his lazy appearance and way of acting as thing aren't really important to him. The way he behaves is different in the face of his younger brother whom is very sick, as when his younger brother is around he acts mature while pretending to be a hardworking individual. Ty dislikes when his younger brother worries about him and trys to help, this often puts stress on his brother already weak body. Often times ty will attempt to sooth himself with snacks as he  relaxs both his mind and body from overwork. In life plans change while in his younger days ty dreamed about becoming a chef, but not he wishes and prays that his little brother recovers, this caused ty to be money-oriented and going to the highest paying job. Ty likes keeping to himself and staying quiet, this is often mistaken for him being shy, he just doesn't like being around people.

This story starts seven years ago, three hours before ty and his bother lost their father. Ty and his brother, rowan, had been outside playing from the break of dawn until noon. During that time they played with all the other little kids from a their town, original ty's family wasn't from clover, ty was know as the ringleader, all most parents had to do to find their child was to locate ty; honestly ty was good with kids especially those who hasn't yet been mislead into producing violence. Ty and his younger brother had decide to return home, on any ordinary day the two would've taken the short way home, to what they saw upon reaching the house shocked even them. Their father stood outside the house with a woman who claimed to have been married to their father, he could only look at his family without word to say,  there shouldn't be anything to say the people who loved you, are the ones you choose to lie. This in itself was enough to drive their mom into a state of shock, the state of her breathing turn drastically before she couldn't hold herself up, she dropped to the floor lifelessly. The boys could only watch as they weren't sure what exactly was happening to their mother... Days later,  they sat into a medical office when that same lady returned, she stated "your father has decided to ship you two little demons to the kingdom of cover! " and here they were.

Character Perks:

Elemental Type: lightning

Magic Specialization:
1. Sensory Magic – Magic that allows a user to perceive magic and the world around them.  Sensory magic can be used to survey an area, detect magic and magic users, and create maps consisting of a magic knight’s element.

2. Attack/Attack Creation – Offensive type spells, forming projectiles to shoot, creating weapons with elemental type, direct attacks using magic, creating/using your element to attack is considered Attack Creation Magic

Combat Style: Ty Smith is a fighter sole focused on  offense, and doesn't really like the thought of dragging out a fight, as its purely a waste of time. Ty never really grasped the full concept of spontaneity, he prefers a plan rather than reckless diving into a battle that he probably wouldn't have won; not every battle is meant to be fought and not every battle should be decide here.


They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning.

Death is the sound of distant thunder at a picnic.

Sometimes we need to lose the small battles to win the war.

It's funny they say lightning never strikes the same place twice, well then, you'll have to worry about my fist.

I'm not lazy, I'm working hard to stay relax.

Hold on! You hear that, its the sound of you not talking.

Prefers to eat sweets rather then work.
He wanted to open a restaurant which was Kelly focused on sweets.

Face Claim: twitter: @segseu

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