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Arthurius Aurum, Golden Dawn Captain

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1 Arthurius Aurum, Golden Dawn Captain on Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:08 pm

"A name while you are alive means little. The name remembered after you are gone is what makes a legend. "

- Arthurius Aurum

Name: Arthurius Aurum
Age: 26
Birthday: December 5
Height: 6' ~ 183 cm
Weight: 170 lbs ~ 77 kg
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Red

Captain of the Golden Dawn

A tall young man with impressive muscular tone and physique, the Captain of the Golden Dawn has a constant impressive magical aura. Overbearing to some, it is almost as if he a radiant golden glow to his body. His crimson red eyes always hold a stern and commanding glare, matching with a rather stoic expression on his face. His blonde hair is styled straight and spiked, with a slight natural wave. Fair, tanned skin shows no blemish or scar, but most of the time one can only see visibly his face and neck area. Even for a Magic Knight, Arthurius wears unusually thick and heavy armor, covering all his body in a sturdy golden colored metal, with some decorative red colored cloth. For rare appearances in casual non-combatant attire, he does prefer simple clothing, long sleeve shirts a and light-colored trousers.

Captain of the Golden Dawn, the magic squad simply known as the best, Arthurius always delivers what is expected of him and more. Professional, clean-cut, and rather stoic, he is a logical, stern, and commanding leader only expecting the best of his magic knights in his squad. He is a genius and very well understands that everyone also sees him as one. Arthurius however, thrives under the pressure, always keeping a calm and collected persona, especially in the most intense situations. He is not one to often show extreme emotions, but he is most natural in the battlefield, casting powerful spells and being a rather physical fighter.

His rather formal demeanor hardly ever fades, even in more casual situations, thus making him always seem somewhat stiff and reserved. Being of nobility, he constantly has a regal demeanor about him. While Arthurius never intentionally means to be standoffish, he naturally has a rather solemn expression on his face, which can make him seem intimidating or unapproachable. He isn't without a sense of humor or wit, but genuine smiles and laughs are often a rarity. He is simply business like in all decisions and conversation, and never rude unless offended first. Realizing that he always has had great shadows cast over him, by both his uncles and his father, his focused personality is a result of always wishing to measure up to such larger than life figures.

Furthermore, his quiet aloofness may from stem his very name. As a of a member of the House Aurum, he along with most of his family has been ostracized from many other of the noble houses, accused of not deserving the title of nobility. His own mother too, is a member of House Plutounio, that of lower and thus, less respected standing, despite even being the family of the Magic Emperor himself. Most of his life he has lived believing he needed to prove himself worthy his title, his name, and his position. He has little patience for nobles and their elitism, instead finding more comfort with the common people. Yet, even then he knows he has no place among them.

His doubts and fears are carefully hidden away, unknown to most all except the very few close he has. He is like his uncle in that way, having that strange sense of melancholy about him.  With Arthurius however, it is not so much melancholy but a quiet sense of anger, though his stoic front shows no immediate signs. His relationship with most other captains is mainly professional, this goes along with most members of his magic squad. Wren Zephyrus, Captain of the Azure Deer, does see Arthurius as a sort of rival, the two similar in age and becoming captains at a similar time. Argentia Silva is one of the few people he may consider a friend, despite a strained relationship between their Houses. He is not the closest with his uncle, though the Magic Emperor does care deeply for his only nephew.

Arthurius Aurum was born to Judah Aurum and his wife, Hermia. Hermia, before marrying Judah, was a member of the lower noble house Plutounio, a family that headed a lucrative merchant's guild. At the time of Arthurius's birth, Nero was not yet Magic Emperor nor had he made amends with his family. While Nero had joined the Order of Magic Knights, he had still abandoned his family, and what little reputation House Plutounio had became shadowed by a disgraceful son. A son of House Aurum, an already contentious noble House, marrying and having a child with a daughter of House Plutounio, brought critical stares and harsh whispers throughout the high court. Judah loved Hermia, caring not for the opinion of the court or his reputation.

House Aurum's standing as nobility had always been contested since its inception, just seventy years prior. The former King of Clover was an avid hunter in the long reign of peacetime and prosperity that had settled the in land. He always took a hunting party with him, consisting of several Royal Knights and a few Magic Knight Captains. That hunt the group was in the Wildlands, searching for great dread wolves who had been terrorizing the rural villages, eating livestock and ruining fields. Instead, the party found a crazed mana beast, which nearly killed the whole group. However, there was a skilled Magic Knight among them, his name was Gordin Aurum, a Grand level knight of the Golden Dawn. Gordin saved the King's life that day and in return, the King granted him a noble title and lands for his family. While Gordin was lauded as the hero that saved the King, his rewards were viewed too generous among the established nobility. Though a talented Magic Knight, Gordin Aurum was a commoner of the people and the new 'House Aurum' was just that as well. Furthermore, Gordin was accused of taking advantage of the King's gifts and some claimed Aurum himself of sabotage of the hunting party. The former King was often known to make rash decisions, not always respected by the court. But the King's word was law, and while unpopular among the traditional noble elite, the Aurum family were members of the high court.

Gordin would go on to become Captain of the Golden Dawn, the first in the beginning of an era of House Aurum Captains of the most revered squad in the Order. House Aurum continued to have close ties with the Royal Family, which further pushed rumors of favoritism with the other nobility. It is with this reputation Arthurius had to deal manage throughout most of his youth, and still even as Captain of the Golden Dawn today. It was the years before he joined the Order that he had gotten to know Argentia Silva, the now current Captain of the Silver Eagle. Despite coming from a traditional noble house, Argentia acted much like an elder sister figure to Arthurius and they are still very close.

Like his grandfather and uncle before him, Arthurius took the position of Captain of the Golden Dawn. From his first days as a Magic Knight, he was an uncontested prodigy. He is gifted with immense magical power and a powerful grimoire with the element of Gold, also like most of his family. Midas was Captain of the Golden Dawn when Arthurius joined the Order, and many already determined that his nephew was destined to become its next Captain. However, the way Arthurius gained leadership was not ideal in his view.

In the most recent years, tensions with the Diamond Kingdom had come to a peak. It was the Diamond Kingdom that had been the most aggressive, mercenaries hired with Diamond Kingdom gold would raid towns and ransack villages in the borderlands, terrorizing the people. The Queen would refuse to send a full army of Knights, fearing full scale war, and instead was only willing to allow the Order to fortify defenses. Midas and his younger brother were among the Knights who were pushing for an official proclamation, however they would never receive it. Midas settled for the fortification of Kiten and was joined by a multi-squad coalition of Magic Knights, including Arthurius.

That night a watcher would spot a raiding party headed for the walled city and a desperate battle ensued. The mercenaries were not just mere bandits, but powerful and skilled magic knights. It was only thanks extra defense that Kiten could survive without much damage, the battle itself being just beyond its magical walls. But many Magic Knights died protecting it, Midas and Arthurius’s father were among them.

Arthurius has now been Captain of the Golden Dawn for little over six years now. While young, he has proved himself a powerful and capable leader just as Midas and Gordin before him. Under his leadership, the Golden Dawn maintained their status as the best Magic Squad in the Order. Among the Captains, it is well known that Arthurius is most prepared for war with the Diamond Kingdom, though he rarely voices this preference aloud. From his position as Captain, he has accepted a more management type role, overseeing missions by the Magic Knights under his command, being a teacher to many of the younger rookie knights, and working with the other Captains. He is mostly found in his office at the Golden Dawn headquarters, quietly preparing for inevitable confrontation with the Diamond Kingdom.

Elemental Type: Gold

Magic Specialization:

  • Attack-Attack Creation
  • Defense-Defense Creation
  • Physical Reinforcement Magic

Combat Style: Arthurius is an elite fighter and combatant. He is rather physical, preferring a close-range style with powerful devastating blows from reinforcing his body. His golden enchanted armor provides an extra defensive boost and his defensive spells are grand, golden impenetrable walls. He fights with a protective mindset, willing to do anything to help an ally in need, to the point of being somewhat reckless. Confident in his abilities, his decisions come with a strategic mindset, willing to use every kind of advantage he can in battle.

Face Claim: Gilgamesh - Fate Series

PowerStaminaSpeedSensoryControlStat Total
110 105 85 90 90 485


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