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Special Factions

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1 Special Factions on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:31 am

Special Factions
Not every Magic User is part of the order! And for some Magic Knights, they are able to join the most prestigious squad of them all, the Royal Knights. Wandering Magic Knights are Magic Knights NOT part of the order. We currently DO NOT accept Magic Knights who are officially part of a foreign kingdom's order or military, such as Diamond or Spade.

  • Wandering Magic Knights – Magic Knights who are not affiliated with the order. As such, they are not able to rank up or earn gold stars. They are still able to grow in magic power and learn spells, since growth is not linked to ranking up. They can do missions, and receive a gold reward, but do not receive gold stars for a squad since they are not in one and cannot be recognized. If you wish to partake in the magic knight entrance exams, you must be this beforehand. Then you will become a Junior Rank 5th Class Magic knight. This will also happen if you decided to later join the order, regardless of how strong your magic knight is. If you leave the Order, you will also become this. These Magic Knights are somewhat of a wild card, with no allegiance to the Order they are free to be beneficial or detrimental to the Clover Kingdom’s peace and society however they wish.  

  • Royal Knights – During the special Royal Knights Selection Exam, Magic Knights who think themselves the strongest compete to join the rank of the Royal Knights, a special and highly regarded group of powerful magic knights who act under order of the ruling monarch.  While they still are technically part of their regular Magic Squad, they can be called away by order of the Queen for special missions and duties, often with grand reward and renown. Available only to Senior Rank Magic Knights and above.

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