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Kenshin Astora [WIP]

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1 Kenshin Astora [WIP] on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:35 am

"You are simply too weak for me."

-Kenshin Xing

Name:Kenshin Xing
Birthday: March 30th
Height: 5'9
Weight: 170
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brownish yellow

Golden Dawn

Kenshin is a thin man of average height nothing about him physically stands out.However, the way he walks, talks, and how he just feel it is almost as if he's a noble in a commoner's body. His jaw length hair flows through the air as he moves across the battlefield. When they said the clothes make the man they never accounted for Kenshin. He makes whatever he chooses to wear look suitable for those of a higher class. Usually, he wears a cotton button-up shirt and a plain pair of trousers, of course, this is all topped off with his Golden Dawn robe. Kenshin never slouches and stands tall and proud with his head up full of pride in him being a magic knight. His voice is soft and sweet as if he is trying to charm whoever he happens to speak with.

Prideful, patient, and unrelenting are all traits that describe. His pride comes from his strength as a magic knight and his position as a member of Golden Dawn. It is also his greatest weakness along with the most apparent of all of his traits. The only place his patience can truly be seen is on the battlefield, where he carefully picks his time to strike. However, once he has begun there is no stopping he endless onslaught until he destroys himself or his opponent. Kenshin dislikes many things, however, these can be balanced with things he does like or enjoy; Kenshin despises people who easily quit and do not give their all for those who they vow to protect, yet, Kenshin likes those who are not afraid to show fear in the face of danger and then transcend that fear to win against themselves. Kenshin also dislikes bad food, bugs, and people who complain about being weak without ever trying. He finds the greatest joys in the bond of comrades, good battles, the music heard throughout the town and the pleasure of being a part of Golden Dawn. Kenshin much like most people has a dream although this may seem a little higher than some he one day hopes to become captain of Golden Dawn and he will do whatever he can to achieve this dream.

(Write your character's history here. Try and include a general everything from the day they were born to the day you begin rping with them! Major events, family background, whatever you can think of! 200 wordcount minimum)

Character Perks:
Speed Demon:
After initial Character Creation, Stat points delegated to your speed stat only count for double. Such as 1 point to Speed equals 2 points to speed
Stamina Boost:
After initial Character Creation, Stat points delegated to your stamina stat only count for double. Such as 1 point to stamina equals 2 points to stamina
Attack Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Attack/Attack-Creation Magic, during combat only, you have +3 to your Power Stat.
Physical Reinforcement Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Physical Reinforcement Magic, all stat-boosting Physical Reinforcement Spells have extra +3 stat effectiveness.

Elemental Type:Light

Magic Specialization: Attack/Attack Creation and Physical Reinforcement

Combat Style: Kenshin is a man who firmly believes that the best defense is a perfect offense. This means applying constant pressure on his opponent with his fast as light magic, however, when close range becomes a necessity he physically enhances himself to move at high speeds in order to cut through his foes with his saber. All of this is done with a surgical like precision something that he believes fits the Golden Dawn.

Quote(s): "Now you shall see the light!"

"Face the wrath of the Clover Kingdom!"

"I will become the leader of Golden Dawn."

Trivia: (Any other information you'd like to add)

Face Claim: Shūkurō Tsukishima

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2 Re: Kenshin Astora [WIP] on Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:06 pm


Junior Magic Knight 5th Class

This post will be archived on November 1st. If you are still working on this application please post here before the deadline.

Thank you

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