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Titania's Grimoire

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1 Titania's Grimoire on Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:14 am



A blood red book with a black three leaf clover inside a heart with a crown in it on the cover. It is said that the keeper of this book often has a side that can be very cold

The inside of the book gives details about poison magic. While strong against biologic organisms and giving status effects. This magic is not as strong against Golems or some metallic based magic.

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2 Re: Titania's Grimoire on Wed Nov 08, 2017 11:26 am


Name of Spell: Ali (Wings)
Elemental Type: Poison
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Supplementary (transport)
Range: Self
Mana Cost: 10 to activate the trap 5 to sustain
Stats: +4 Speed Stat on self
Description: A small pair of purple wings grows on her back using her mana. While the wings may seem small they give her the gift of flight and allows her to move a bit faster. The wings themselves are semi-translucent and very fragile.

Name of Spell: Pioggia Scura (Dark Rain)
Elemental Type: Poison
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Supplementary Hex
Range: 10 meters
Mana Cost: 10 to cast the 5 to sustain
Stats: -7 to endurance on all enemies in the range of the spell.
Description: The caster claps her hands and the spell shoots upwards. A dark purple looking rain falls from the sky, ten meters around the caster. Using her as a focal point. The acid falls weakening the people who the caster considers an enemy. Unfortunately, the acid is pretty weak itself and evaporates a bit after contact. So once out of range of the acidic rain, the poison stops weakening the enemies.

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