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Kuroko Oushi, Black Bull Captain

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1 Kuroko Oushi, Black Bull Captain on Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:10 pm

“Oushi. Kuroko, Oushi."

-Kuroko Oushi  

Name: Kuroko Oushi
Age: 49
Birthday: January 17
Height: 5'11'' ~ 180 cm
Weight: 150 lbs ~ 68 kg
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber

Captain of the Black Bull

Tall, curvacious, and unafraid to show off her full figure, the Captain of the Black Bull, Kuroko Oushi is a proud woman of exotic beauty. Her medium length black hair lays in strands, with stray bangs falling in her face. Her fair skin is lightly tanned, the woman always near dangerously shows it off, wearing dark black bikini-lingerie and other revealing attire. Her amber eyes are slanted, with thinly shaped, but rather expressive eyebrows. She wears little makeup, a natural beauty herself with not a wrinkle despite her age (rumors abound that she magically keeps herself youthful). On her lips is usually a cherry red colored lipstick. Kuroko radiates a powerful magic aura and confidence and experience of the most senior magic captain.

Kuroko Oushi is the Captain of the notorious, Black Bull. Though in current times they are considered one of the most elite squads, they still are very much a black sheep of the Order, with Kuroko keeping up the tradition of always taking in misfits and vagrants, those who cannot find acceptance in other magic squads. Known as 'Mama Bull' to the members of her squad, it defines both her motherly instincts towards all the magic knights under her care as well as her fierce protectiveness she holds for them. The woman is dangerous and deadly, and dresses just as provacatively. From her youth as a rather rebellious magic knight, she has never quite lost her wild streak. And while she is curently the eldest Magic Captain in the order, her youthfulness and endless teasing of all below her make her seem much more younger. A heavy drinker when given the chance to be festive, she can hold her liquor better than any other.

While motherly, she can still be rather stern. More of a learn-on-the-go type teacher, she allows many of her magic knights discover their own ways to power and adventure, with a few gentle pushes here and there. She actually is a very studious learner of magic, spending much of her time studying ancient ruins and the mystic arts. As one of the elder magic captains, Kuroko has seen the rise in prominence of the Clover Kingdom's rival power, the Diamond Kingdom. Working with other captains and the Magic Emperor,  she is concerned over the tense peace that has settled over the lands. Many other captains revere her as their senior, and even the Magic Emperor, Nero himself, will come to her searching for advice. Often joking that she is an old lady who needs to retire, she is more approuchable and friendly than her appearance may show. Very rarely, her age will surface in a long sigh or a tired laugh, though all will agree that she is far from stepping down as Captain.

Coming from a family of immigrants from the oversea lands, she isn't exactly traditional, but does take care to remember her culture overseas. She was very close to the former Captain of the Black Bull, another overseas immigrant known as Tsukiyomi. When she was child her family was initially very poor, so she has quite a soft spot for those who come from similar unfortunate circumstances. Kuroko is a heavy believer that those who put forth hard work and effort will one day be able to achieve their dreams, herself being a fine example. While not obessively outspoken, she is not afraid to speak against the still harsh divisions among the upper and lower classes, finding such elitism rather ridiculous.

With the Magic Emperor formally being a member of the Black Bull, she and Nero have a long history together and he affectionately refers to her as 'Aneki.' Though all claims of a deeper relationship are simply rumour, they are good friends nonetheless. One could say however that she and the captain of the Crimson Lion, Lysander Rouge, have a far more fiery relationship.

Kuroko came to the land of Clover Kingdom when she was very young, her parents originated from the far lands across the sea, hoping for a fresh start in a new country. Kuroko's father was a blacksmith of enchanted blades, a rare trade he would pass on to his only daughter. In the beginning, life was hard and work came very scarce. The elder Oushi was a talented swordmaker in a land that did not know his name, his finely crafted blades initially brought only critical stares rather than gold. Her father was eventually forced to working on simple tools and crafts to sell, rather than weapons, and the small family was barely getting by. The young Kuroko knew the struggles were hard, a young foreign girl in a new land, she was often left alone and isolated from other children.

However one day, a strange dark haired man entered their small smithy. Dressed with a black cape at his side was a sword in the style of the lands overseas, his name was Tsukiyomi, the Captain of the Black Bull magic squad. He came in with a blade battered and worn, but the man wouldn't trust any blacksmith in the land besides one who knew what a true sword was meant to be. The day that Tsukiyomi came to her father, asking for a new blade, the young Kuroko's life changed forever.

With his daughter as an assisstant, the elder Oushi crafted a blade worthy of a legend, and Tsukiyomi accepted the sword gracefully. From then on, Kuroko's father became known throughout the Clover Kingdom and beyond as a master bladesmith. Magic Knight came across the kingdoms for master crafted weapons and life became much better for the family. Tsukiyomi still found time to come stop by, and Kuroko began to grow closer with the Magic Knight Captain. Inspired by his stories of adventures and dangerous missions, Kuroko wanted to become a Magic Knight just like him.

Kuroko's desire for adventure eventually took her to the streets of the city, where she was finally able to overcome her shyness and make friends, most notably a street orphan named Lysander, who would one day become the Captain of the Crimson Lion. Her exploits as a child were mostly harmless, but every once in a while Tsukiyomi would end up dragging the girl back home. Kuroko could hardly wait for her 15th birthday and the magic knight entrance exams, so she could live her dreams.

When the girl did receive her grimoire, she was initially frustrated with her element. Glass was fragile and most of her spell constructs ended up shattering when hitting anything. For a girl accustomed to sturdy blades and hard hitting, it was quite the change. Nonetheless she entered the exams and was naturally chosen by Tsukiyomi for the Black Bull Magic Squad. Her friend, Lysander, being two years younger, would have to wait until he could follow in her footsteps.

Once joining the Black Bull, Kuroko quickly learned to master control of her glass magic and within a year's time had become a very capable magic knight, completing several missions on her own and gaining a number gold stars. Kuroko was a popular rookie knight, but also wild, stubborn, and perhaps a bit too proud. However, Kuroko's life would change once again when a new rookie magic knight entered the the Black Bull. His name was Nero Adrien Plutounio.

Intially wary of the newcomer, Kuroko was quite stubborn in letting Nero get to know her. It was if he had been specially picked by Tsukiyomi and the Magic Emperor himself (which was to some extent true). Eventually however, Nero and Kuroko would become very close, building a relationship that would last a very long time.

Throughout her time as a Magic Knight, Kuroko always proved herself to be an elite combatant and strong fighter, despite the suppposed fragility of her Glass element magic. While she was trained in the ways of the blade, she often claimed it was more fitting of Nero and Tsukiyomi rather than herself. However, she maintained the skill of making blades and enchanting them, eventually gifting one of her creations to Nero, and to this day, he still has it at his side. She would have several more encounter with her childhood friend, Lysander, who had joined the Crimson Lion Magic Squad and had become quite an elite magic knight himself. As the years went by, the aging Tsukiyomi would name Kuroko as his sucessor as Captain of the Black Bull, a position that that she would take with pride but also caution. Nero would also take his place as Magic Emperor and together they would work with other Magic Captains to maintain the tense peace between the Clover and Diamond Kingdoms.

As Captain of the Black Bull, Kuroko further showed herself as a capable and powerful leader. She wanted to be a Captain like Tsukiyomi, a strong figure capable of inspiring young magic knights to be their best. Of course, Kuroko had her own unique style, a bit less restrained and more rugged. Nonetheless all Magic Knights under her saw her as much like a second mother, however fierce and somewhat rough she could be.

Years have gone by, and now Kuroko finds herself the most senior captain of the Order. While slightly more reserved in her old age, she still maintains a youthful persona and appearance. She and Nero still remain good friends from their days in the Black Bull together, and she and Lysander also have maintained a good relationship, or rather, a joking rivalry. Most days she can be found at the Black Bull headquarters, carefully overseeing operations done by her magic squad. On occassion, she does leave the base, such as for entrance exams and festivals, and rather rarely, to partake in grand level missions of her own.

Elemental Type: Glass

Magic Specialization:

  • Attack/Attack-Creation
  • Defense/Defense-Creation
  • Supplementary Creation

Combat Style: Kuroko is a battle adversay one would never hope to go against. As one of the most senior captains, she has decades of combat experience under her belt. She uses her Glass element magic to make fragile, but piercing weapons of glass, beautiful and deadly. Her weapons can shatter into glass shards, which she can also manipulate to cut and pierce into an opponents skin. She can create glass walls and domes as protective barriers, which when broken, the glass shards also used offensively. Her speed and spell casting time is among the fastest, if not the fastest of the order, making her a relentless attacker. All members of the Order can agree, never mess with Mama Bull.

Face Claim: Merlin - Seven Deadly Sins

PowerStaminaSpeedSensoryControlStat Total
90 95 10595 100 485


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