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Magic Emperor Nero

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1 Magic Emperor Nero on Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:53 am

"Magic Emperor, such a title indeed. "

-Nero Adrien Plutounio

Name: Nero Adrien Plutounio
Age: 48
Birthday: August 20
Height: 6’2’’ ~ 187 cm
Weight: 207 lbs ~ 93 kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

N/A  - Magic Emperor
(Formerly Black Bull)

A tall middle-aged man, Nero has medium length brown hair, often slicked back with a stray strand laying loosely on his forehead. He has light, fair skin without a visible blemish or scar, but such marks are well hidden by long and loose clothing. He forgoes wearing a crown, instead wearing long robes and loose-fitting attire, reminiscent of clothing like that of the overseas lands, making him look somewhat like a vagrant. He also wears his sword at his side, a unique master crafted katana. His brown eyes are slanted slightly, with thin eyebrows. He usually has an oddly friendly aura about him, something unexpected of a man so powerful.

Nero Adrien Plutounio is the Magic Emperor, the strongest Magic Knight in all the Clover Kingdom and the man who commands the Order of Magic Knights, the only authority above him being the Queen of the Clover Kingdom herself. As such, one would expect a man respected and honored by all Magic Knights and Captains alike, and he is very well revered by all. He is wise, even well beyond his years. He is aware of his power and his position and provides a very set standard for himself. While he is a man who holds so much power, he also knows very well what it’s like not to have it.

He is professional, but only in professional situations. Like a switch from on and off, Nero can be a very relaxed and carefree type of man. He enjoys bad jokes and taking whatever circumstances he can not too seriously, being Magic Emperor does take its toll on a man. He is surprisingly human and often wonders if he’s even up to task of being Magic Emperor. Friendly and maybe a bit reserved, he is quite soft-spoken and easy to converse with, giving him a parent or teacher-like quality. He always puts the future of the Kingdom and the safety of its people above all else. Humble and generally agreeable, the easygoing soul that surfaces almost doesn’t seem like a Magic Emperor at all. There is however a certain melancholy to him, a mysterious quality no matter his professional or his casual demeanor.

Having some quirks of his own, he enjoys the culture of the lands overseas, seen by his chose of attire and his katana blade. Once being a member of the Black Bull, he and its current Captain, Kuroko Oushi, have a long history together, and he affectionally refers to her as Aneki. His blade, in fact, was a gift from her. He is also known to be somewhat of a hermit, many people and Magic Knights in the Kingdom have never actually seen in the man. However, rumors abound that he is directing secret missions dealing with the affairs between the Diamond and Clover Kingdoms.

He has generally good relationships with all the Magic Squad Captains, of course being their superior but also, he tries to be a good colleague and friend. Whenever he does encounter younger knights of the order, he always tries to give good advice and act like a role-model Magic Emperor, with varying degrees of success. His sister’s son, his nephew, is Arthurius Aurum, the current Captain of the Golden Dawn magic squad, and he tends to dote him over whenever he gets the chance.

Nero was born into a house of lower nobility in the Common Region. He grew up never really outstanding as a child, and was quite shy around strangers. His young life was generally without want or worry.  None of his family were magic knights and instead were heads of a relatively lucrative merchant guild. It was a given he would likely follow the same path and the young Nero never really complained about his supposed fate.

That is, until the day he received his grimoire.

When Nero turned 15, he like all other children, went through the Grimoire ceremony. While of nobility, the Plutounio’s were a lower house, with no history of members with immense magical prowess. It was expected that Nero would be very much the same. However, it was not meant to be. That day Nero received a Grimoire unique and very dangerous, a rare Clover-marked tome with magic violent and deadly, Void.

Nero did not know what this meant for him, and neither did any of his family. It became clear however, when the boy first began casting spells. The Void spells were destructive and uncontrollable, black holes that vacuumed everything in their path. He nearly destroyed his own home and soon his parents grew worried he would never be able to control his magic at all. While he never officially received the title of ‘disgrace,’ he was different, an outsider, dangerous. Feeling abandoned by his own family, Nero ran away from home, not knowing where he would go or what he would do. Thankfully rumors spread far and fast of a child with a dangerous magic he could not control.

He was soon found by two men, their names Tsukiyomi and Cyrus, the former Captain of the Black Bull and previous Magic Emperor, respectively. Together they offered the life of a Magic Knight to learn how to control his magic. While initially wary of the generosity, the boy realized he had little other choices before him and that was how Nero Adrien Plutounio entered the Order as a member of the Black Bull.  

Nero became very close with Tsukiyomi, training as his apprentice both in magic and ways of the sword, a tradition the aging Tsukiyomi had brought with him from the far lands overseas. The young magic knight preferred the ways of the swordsman, which taught discipline, control, and honor. It was during these years that Nero also became acquainted with Kuroko Oushi, a rather rebellious member of the Black Bull and who would soon become his ‘aneki.’

As the years passed, Nero became a powerful Grand Magic Knight, excellent with both sword and his devastating void magic. It was obvious that Nero was favored to become the next Magic Emperor as tensions with the Diamond Kingdom came to rise. As a new Diamond King rose to power, Cyrus passed his crown to Nero. Soon thereafter, Kuroko became the new Captain of the Black Bull. A new era of tense peacetime would begin, one headed by the Magic Emperor Nero.

At some point in time, Nero had made amends with his family, being Magic Emperor successor also happened to help. His sister had married off to a high noble family, House Aurum, the House of the then Captain of the Golden Dawn, Midas Aurum. His sister would soon have a son, Arthurius Aurum who now is the current Captain of the Golden Dawn.

Elemental Type: Void

Magic Specialization:

  • Attack
  • Defensive
  • Sensory
  • Supplementary

Combat Style: Despite personal doubts, in tense situations the Magic Emperor radiates confidence and is superbly assured of himself. He is not flawless in battle, but he is closest to it. He is very controlled, having to be so because of his Void element magic, an element that can be destructive and violent without such precision. His devastating Void spells act like black holes, sucking in and expelling matter in energetic waves. Though naturally a more simply offensive type magic, the same spells can be used for defensive purposes, such as sucking in actual constructs of other spells. In addition to his powerful spell array, his swordsmanship talents are that of a master, matching with a masterfully crafted katana that can cut through nearly anything. Both physically and magically, his talents are worthy of legend, a true Magic Emperor.

Face Claim: Sosuke Aizen – Bleach

PowerStaminaSpeedSensoryControlStat Total
120120 120 120 120 600


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