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Grandeur's Gorgeous Grimoire

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1 Grandeur's Gorgeous Grimoire on Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:34 pm



Name of Spell: Verre Voir (Glass View)
Elemental Type: Glass
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Supplementary - Sensory
Range: 30 meters
Mana Cost: 10/5
Stats: +4 Sensory
Description: With an open grimoire, the user creates several panes of glass and spreads them around an area. Using reflected light between the panes, the user is able to search in multiple directions and over a wide area. Also, the user can use a single pane of glass, connected to their eye with one of their hands forming a 'monocle' of sorts, to allow them to 'see' whatever that second pane is looking 'in' at. This allows the user not only the ability to search a wide area, but also analyses nearby sources of magic.

Name of Spell: Pluie de Verre (Glass Shower)
Elemental Type: Glass
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Attack Creation
Range: 30 meters
Mana Cost: 10/5
Description:  By summoning multiple, near invisible 'arrows' of glass in a variety of shapes and sizes to float either above the target or slightly above/behind the user, the user then motions, with their grimiore open arms spread as if they were holding a drawn back bow; for all the 'arrows' then shooting forth to try and pierce/impale the intended target repeatedly, raining this 'shower' of powerful razor sharp glass upon them.

Name of Spell: Verre Tourbillon (Glass Vortex)
Elemental Type: Glass
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Attack Creation
Range: 30 meters
Mana Cost: 10
Stats: -4 Sensory for single target, -2 Sensory for multiple targets
Description: By summoning magical glass in varying shapes, colors and sizes, the user gathers them into their palms, constantly spinning, breaking and reforming them to then release these shards and ground up bits of glass 'dust' in a large rainbow cone of color, out in front of them, aiming to not only embed their foes with painful shards of glass (1-2 inch cuts/gashes). But to also attack their eyes/senses as a means to not only attack, but to hopefully give the user (and/or his allies) the upper hand in the fight against the now distracted foe(s). Can recover from the stat debuff if their control stat is 5 or more points higher.

Name of Spell: Verre Fantasmes (Glass Phantoms)
Elemental Type: Glass
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Sensory - Illusion
Range: 30 meters
Mana Cost: 10/5
Description: The user creates a pane of glass that is about their height and width and seemingly 'steps into' it. Their image momentary stuck in the glass which then suddenly produces up to three separate 'clones'. These clones, sound, behave and even smell exactly like the user. Except they cannot use magic and crumble into shards of sparkling, shimmering glass when struck. This is primarily used as a diversionary tactic and only those whose sensory is 5+ levels higher than the user can notice the slight differences between the 'fakes' and the 'real' user.

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