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Forever Blue [Closed/Sage]

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1 Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:57 pm

Ali Ra

Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class
The last of the roses were starting to fade.  But new color was taking their place as the leaves turned from emerald to fire, the autumn air cool and crisp and still scented with the bite of the sea.  So Ali Ra didn't stop coming to the rose garden even though it was no longer the season for roses.  There was beauty to be found in all of life's moment.

She smiled at the warmth of the sunshine in her hair, humming a song and giving a little twirl.  Not a magic twirl...Just a happy to be here and be alive kind of twirl, the sort she'd done since she was a child.  She wondered if the magic had been pushing her even then.

It didn't matter.  Fate, luck, choice, whatever it was, she was here, it was a beautiful, day and she was going to enjoy it.  She'd packed herself a picnic basket and after she'd seen and smelt as many roses as her soul desired, she'd go to the beach and eat a fine meal besides the waves.  Some days, life was truly wonderful.  And this was one of them.

She spotted someone walking near by, a Blue Rose member named Sage who'd joined at about the same time she had.  Smiling brightly, Ali skipped on over.  She should introduce herself.  They weren't close friends and had never even really met formally but they were all part of the same Blue Rose family.

Ali wasn't dressed her best that day, adorned relatively simply in a navy skirt and ice white blouse beneath her Blue Rose cape, hair bound in a single braid, her only makeup a bit of kohl around her eyes.  But she was home, going for an afternoon picnic, and Sage wasn't dressed any more formally.  Even the Valkyries didn't always dress in full armor or ballgowns.

"Good afternoon!" Ali cheerfully greeted the other girl, "I don't believe we've met officially. I'm Ali Ra."

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2 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:08 pm


Sage was out taking a walk through the garden, this is where she would usually come when she had a lot on her mind. Recently with another selection exam coming up, her mind had been stirred up with thoughts about her past. Almost every night before she went to sleep she had a vision of when she killed her father, how he tried to rape her. The crazy part was how real the vision felt almost as if she was going through the situation all over again.

The thought of it scared her, the more she thought about it the more real it felt. At some points it almost felt like her father was there trying to strip her naked yet again. However she wa much older, wiser, and most importantly stronger than she was back then and so she had to get a grip and realize that it wouldnt happen again. The real reason these visions haunted her though was because she never told anyone of what had happened, in her file it was only known that she killed him and was imprisoned for the act.

As Sage walked around the garden she saw a few of the other members of the squad walking about and one came up to her and began to speak to her. The Woman appeared to be a little older than Sage herself, probably anywhere from 1 to 4 years. She seemed to be in a rather good mood, sadly she had caught Sage at a bad time as she was in a very sad and vulnerable state.

"Good afternoon! Enjoying the roses? I don't believe we've met officially. I'm Ali Ra." Ali Ra the name seemed quite mystical in a sense, maybe because Ra was the name of a god. Regardless of the mystic feel her name had Sage tried to recoup her mental state and put on a light smile and said "Hi, my name is Sage... Sage Yamada, nice to meet you. So im assuming you are a member of Blue Rose as well?"

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3 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:27 pm

Ali Ra

Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class
Ali nodded with a grin, twirling around and letting her Blue Rose cloak flare.  After two years in the squad, it had yet to cease to thrill her, the fact that she belonged among these fierce, powerful, beautiful women.  She was a Valkyrie, a Blue Rose, a Magic Knight.  It was more than she'd ever dreamed of when she was a girl.  And there was still excitement in her voice as she said, "Nice to meet you too, Sage!  And yes.  Yes I am.  Been a member for two years now."

Sage was darker than Ali was, dressed more for practicality than fashion.  She looked far too solemn for a day this nice and Ali wondered what was going through her head.  Strange that anyone could get lost in their own head when the world was so beautiful...But whenever Ali asked, she got called shallow.  Which...well...she WAS kind of shallow and was okay with that.  But that didn't mean she had wear it on her chest.

Instead...she'd offer Sage a chance to leave it behind for a bit.  Deep thinking was important sometimes, but so was living.  A day like today was meant to be enjoyed, not let pass unappreciated.

"Are you enjoying the roses?  I was going to take a few last smells before we lose the last of them to winter.  I suppose we'll still have some perfumes...but it's not the same," Ali sighed.  She loved scented waters and oils and perfumes as much as anyone.  She still knew they couldn't compare to the smell of a freshly bloomed rose shining in the sun, "And then I'm going to make a picnic by the waves, maybe swim a little.  It's so sad that it'll be too cold soon. I'll miss the sun."

Some days, Ali wished it could stay summer forever.  But then she remembered how much she loved the snow.  It would be a shame to never go swimming again...

She smiled brightly and continued, "Anyway, you can come with me if you'd like!  You should enjoy the day too.  The sunshine and blue skies belong to everyone."

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4 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:51 pm


This girl seemed so alive and full of life, she couldnt understand why one was so happy and alive. This lack of understanding only happened to her around this time, around the time of the selection exams. However it almost felt like Ali's positive energy as rubbing off on Sage as she slowly but surely began to think less and less about the incident with her dad.

Ali had said that she was a part of Blue Rose for 2 years now, thats about the same amount of time Sage herself joined the squad and the order itself. This seemed rather odd that they joined around the same time and had never spoken to each other before now, so Sage thought to herself *Now's a good of a time as any...* Ali would then begin to speak saying "Are you enjoying the roses? I was going to take a few last smells before we lose the last of them to winter. I suppose we'll still have some perfumes...but it's not the same," Ah yes winter was soon approaching a cold season, and a disliked season by Sage seeing as her magic was fire based.

"Yeah something like that..." Sage replied while looking away from Ali and up towards the sky. "I come here to think, and as of late i've had a lot on my mind... I've been coming here in hopes that the roses could help me figure out my life." Sage said with a somewhat sad looking face. The look on her face was a dead give away if nothing else was, there was definitely something wrong with the girl or at the very least something on her mind.

Ali had offered Sage to join her in coming to the beach for a picnic and to go swimming, something that seemed fun and harmless and to be honest Sage needed something to get the incident off her mind. The more she thought about it the sadder and more angry she became. Sage had began to look Ali straight in the eyes and put a smile on her face, probably the first smile she had made in weeks. "Sure I'll go to the beach with you thats no problem. We better hurry and go before it gets too late though." Sage had perhaps finally decided to push through the troubles her past had brung to her, and just maybe today she would even make a new friend.


5 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:00 pm

Ali Ra

Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class
Sage looked so sad at that moment. It must not have been pleasant, whatever it was she was dwelling on, so when she suggested leaving the gardens for the beach, Ali smiled right back and nodded, "Good idea. I always forget how much earlier the sun sets near winter. I think it's a good thing I found you or I might have been eating in the moonlight."

She wasn't the type to ask what was on her mind or what was wrong. If she wanted to tell- she would. If she didn't...then talking about it would just make her more upset and make Ali sad too. No, better to go and have their picnic and enjoy the last of the fading sun.

"So what kind of food do you like? I have cakes and sandwiches but if you're one of those healthy eating types, we may have to go back and pick something up for you," Ali continued cheerfully as she started to make her way out of the gardens. She could be as vain as the next girl but with all the dancing she did, she could eat as much as she liked and never gain a pound. Which was good, because Ali liked delicious food as much as she enjoyed all of life's other wonderful things.

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6 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:18 pm


"So what kind of food do you like? I have cakes and sandwiches but if you're one of those healthy eating types, we may have to go back and pick something up for you," Sage smiled and playfully slapped Ali on the back as she said "No its fine whatever you got I can and will eat for sure. So what kind of cake you got?" Sage seemed to be feeling a lot better now, although what she was feeling before had gone nowhere but to the back of her mind. The two girls would then begin to walk from the garden and would begin making their way to the beach. While on their trip Sage had thought to herself *Maybe I should tell Ali... I need to tell someone so I wont keep this bottled up inside me. I really wish my siblings were still here so this wouldnt be a issue.*

As they walked and the distance to the beach became shorter and shorter Sage was deciding on if she wanted to tell Ali her secret, and in the end she had decided to tell her. Although Sage didn't know Ali very well she could tell she was loyal and trust worthy, thus giving her the perfect qualities to be her close friend. The two would then arrive at the beach, the spot they had gotten to seemed perfect to set up the ppicnic.

Sage would grab Ali by her shoulder and look her in the eye saying "Im gonna get some wood so we can make a small fire. No need for us to freeze out here haha." age would then run off to search the beach for any twigs or anything flammable to start a fire. As she began tto collect the wood the only thing she thought about was *How exactly do I tell somebody about this?*

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7 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Tue Nov 07, 2017 7:26 pm

Ali Ra

Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class
Ali smiled. Oh good! She was glad Sage ate sweets. Life was too short to be eating vegetables all the time! "I have chocolate and vanilla and strawberry and lemon...I didn't know which I want, so I took a little of everything. Guess it was a good decision, since now I have plenty for both of us."

Sage offered to get firewood and was running off before Ali could offer to help. Well...Ali didn't want to be lazy when her squadmate was doing all the work, but there was no point in them both doing the same thing. So she spread the blanket, anchoring it with her basket and started arranging the plates. She had pretty cakes and sandwiches and some little fruit tarts. She licked her lips in anticipation. Yum! It all looked delicious.

She'd wait for Sage though. While the other girl seemed to be doing a bit better, Ali knew sadness didn't go away just like that. It'd take more than a few words and an invitation to cheer her up. She'd need light and friends and good food. And maybe a bit of music and dancing. Those things always made Ali feel better on the rare days she had anything to be upset about.

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8 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:35 pm


Sage would take her time returning with the wood for the fire, but she wasnt any longer than 5 minutes at the most as she didn't wanna keep Ali waiting. When she returned she could see Ali had already set up the blanket and the plates. This was a great thing as Sage was ready to sit down and enjoy some good food. However before she could do that she had to light the fire, a easy task for someone with her talents. She simply dropped the wood a safe distance away from the blanket and held out her hand pointing it at the wood. After holding out her hand a ball of fire would shoot forward and strike the wood, thus igniting it and giving them a campfire.

Sage would then go and sit down on the blanket next to Ali. She would grab the plate and a piece of cake not caring which flavor she got because cake was cake and all cake was good. Sage was about to take the cake straight to the face however before she could do so, the visions began to come back to her and it was at that moment she knew now was the time. "Hey Ali can I tell you something? Like if I tell you, you have to keep it between us ok?"


9 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:55 pm

Ali Ra

Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class
"Of course I'll keep your secret!" Ali Ra promised with a smile, "I mean...unless you're planning on killing us all in our sleep or something...than I'd probably have to stop you, but I don't think you'd do anything like that!"

A slightly more literal answer than asked for? Probably. But hey- at least no one would be able to call Ali Ra a liar.

Ali took some cake too, glad to see she wasn't the only one going right for the sweets, and took a seat right near the fire. Ah! That was nice. A bit of warmth for the autumn afternoon. Fire magic really was pretty sweet some days. The smell of smoke and sea mingled in its own sort of dance. It was a weird combination, but not a bad one. Between the crackle of the fire, the rumble of the waves and the first taste of meltingly sweet chocolate in her mouth, Ali couldn't think of many places she'd rather be.

She hoped whatever Sage had to say, once it was out in the open, she'd feel better and would be happy too. Or Ali could find something fun to distract her with or some way to fix things. Because no one should be sad all the time. Especially not one of Ali's squadmates. You couldn't enjoy life with things weighing you down.

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10 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:56 pm


"Ok so when I was younger, my mom and dad abused me and my siblings a lot actually. However my mom died, and when she did my dad became more abusive and he also started drinking heavily. So one day he came home drunk and tried to hit on me more, but when I tried to resist he said he would teach me a lesson and so he began to try and take my clothes off. I knew what was about to happen so I pushed him off me and ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife..." Sage had stopped with her story right there and had stood up from the picnic cloth and began to tear up. As she did such she looked at Ali and said "Im sorry I can't do this... I have to go." After saying this Sage would run off and went off to who knows where, all that was known was that she was most definitely tore up from outwardly speaking of her childhood incident.


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11 Re: Forever Blue [Closed/Sage] on Sat Nov 11, 2017 3:21 pm

Ali Ra

Junior Magic Knight 2nd Class
Ali Ra looked after the other girl and wondered if she should follow her. But...she seemed pretty torn up. Whatever she'd done...whatever her dad had done...clearly it hadn't faded. And Ali...Ali wasn't always the best at all that emotional stuff. Hopefully she had a friend or mentor or somebody she could go cry with.

When Ali saw her again, if she saw her again, she wouldn't bring it up, she decided. Clearly Sage wasn't really ready to talk about it. Instead, she'd take her dancing or to a concert or to swim or something fun like that. Life's burdens always seemed easier carry with a few fun distractions to light the way. Maybe she'd bring her some pie or some ice cream or some hot chocolate or some flowers...Good food and pretty things always made Ali feel better.

But then...Ali didn't have any memories that turned her stomach. She'd always had a happy family and good friends and a nice life. Maybe for somebody who hadn't...something else was needed. She wished she knew what it was. They were squadmates and fellow magic knights. They were supposed to help each other! Ali just didn't know how.

Well...she'd do what she could. Hold her silence. Show the girl some fun. And help her realize not all of life was blood and darkness and horror and knives in the shadows. That there was also sunshine and joy and dance. Because that was what Ali and her magic were about- happiness. And she believed laughter could numb any pain, even if only for a little while. It was just who she was.

But for now...she'd eat on her own and frolic in the waves and try to keep the sadness from staining her own soul. There was no point in her being miserable too! She couldn't help Sage find happiness again if she couldn't maintain her own good spirits.

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