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Ruetta Hedera Stat Page

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1 Ruetta Hedera Stat Page on Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:45 am


Junior Magic Knight 4th Class

Character Perks:
Mana Pool Plus:
Instead of adding 10 to your mana pool for every 5 points to stamina, you can add 12 to your mana pool for every 5 points to stamina.
Sensory Ace:
After initial Character Creation, Stat points delegated to your sensory stat only count for double. Such as 1 point to sensory equals 2 points to sensory.
Sensory Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Sensory Magic, during combat only, you have +5 to your Sensory Stat.
Healing Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Healing Magic, all healing spells also give a Mana Regain of 25% of your target’s mana pool.

Grimoire Tier: Silver

Magic Specializations:

  • Healing
  • Sensory


PowerStaminaSpeedSensoryControlStat Total
810 10 10 1351


Spell Points: 30

Thread Link

Grand Re-

1000 Gold!
15 Free Spell Points!
1 Gold Star!
20% Discount Coupon for any item at the item shop
Grimoire Tiers, Silver Tier for Mist Element +5 additional mana, +3 power and +3 control -10/30/2017
Joining Order At Junior Rank +15 Spell Points-10/30/2017

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