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Ruetta Hedera

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1 Ruetta Hedera on Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:54 pm


Junior Magic Knight 4th Class

"My name is Ruetta. It's very, very nice to meet you."

-Ruetta Hedera

Name: Ruetta Hedera
Age: 17
Birthday: August 29th
Height: 5'5'' ~ 165 cm
Weight: 125 lbs ~ 56 kg
Hair Color: Violet
Eye Color: Green

Black Bull

An average size girl with long flowing violet hair, she tucks her left bangs behind her ear while her right usually covers the other half of her face. Ruetta’s eyes are green in color with long pointed eyelashes. She wears no jewelry or make up, but has unblemished pale white skin. Her usual expression is a rather mischievous smile and playful twinkle in her eye. While not overly muscularly, she is lean enough, yet has some thickness to her thighs and arms. Her curves are average as well, with a medium sized bust. Her clothing is generally simple attire, most commonly a short green dress with long sleeves and tall light brown boots upon her feet. She wears the cape of the Black Bull Magic Squad proudly, and it is hard to find her not wearing it.

Ruetta is an odd girl.

She'll tend to notice the little things. She'll always say what's on her mind, though always speaks quietly. While friendly and nice, she wouldn't be considered outgoing with a very soften spoken voice. Rather playful and a bit of a tease, the violet haired girl always has a mischevious smile on her face. She loves jokes and pranks, though may not always be the funniest herself. Ruetta is an honest girl, to the point of being somewhat blunt. She never means to be mean however, and it is indeed hard to make her mad or angry about anything. The girl is easygoing and can be forgetful too, though this trait never seems to bother her despite what others may feel.

Whether speaking to a whole group of people or a single person, Ruetta acts the same. Even when put under pressure or stress, her demeanor never changes. She is oddly absent of anxiety or worry, nor do many things scare her. In fact, she often laughs when others around her are startled or scared. Again, not out of meanness, she just does think it funny. Her unusual absence of fear makes her very calm in stressful situations, almost as if she doesn't take things seriously. However, Ruetta is more serious than initial impressions may seem. She treats her role as a magic knight with pride and honor, knowing it is a duty worthy of the best of herself and all others around her. While she may not be the prodigy magic knight nor exactly the brightest knight around, she considers herself a big sister role model to many rookies and newcomers to the Black Bull Magic Squad. She can actually be very responsible and quite motherly with younger kids.

Ruetta simply enjoys life. Taking the average everyday tasks and even the most difficult missions and just appreciating them. Ruetta finds joy in whatever she can, and while some may consider it naive to think that way, Ruetta believes that the world needs optimists just as much as it needs pessimists. She can be somewhat whimsical and aloof about her beliefs, but above all else she believes in protecting the people's safety and happiness, the true duty of a magic knight.

The girl adores sweet and cute things, and may find even the oddest things 'cute' like spiders and other bugs. Anything small really is cute to her. Unsurprisingly, her room and other personally area are a chaotic mess, however she claims that everything is in its place and somehow can always find what she's searching for. She has a fascination with ghost stories and legends, going along with her tendency to play  some supernatural themed pranks on others. She enjoys making home-cooked meals for her fellow Black Bull squad members, and really anyone else who asks. The one thing that Ruetta can say she dislikes is crabs, after a rather tramautizing experience as a child involving such crusteacean, the girl simply can't handle being around them for very long.  

Overall Ruetta is a nice, if not a bit odd, girl. She is kind and caring, but can be mischevious and aloof. While seemingly naive, she is also wiser than her youth credits her. She is a people person and enjoys making friends, though is also softspoken and rather quiet. Always eager to perform any duty as a magic knight, Ruetta is ready for any adventure!

Ruetta was born to a pair of farmers in the vast farmlands of the Forsaken region. The nearest town was an hour’s trip by horse and cart, so the small family generally had only themselves for company. It was here that Ruetta grew up, living a happy and safe childhood. Being an only child and so far from town and other farms, she was usually by herself, save for the sheep her father herded. The girl never felt truly alone however, always with her parents and entertained by their stories of magic knights and legends. From a young age, Ruetta fell in love with storytelling, soon spinning her own tales of adventure and supernatural.

Of course, since she had heard stories and legends of Magic Knights, it was her dream to one day become an honorable knight herself. To stand for the innocent and to the protect the people of the Clover Kingdom was what the girl wanted more than anything. Her parents, poor farmers with little magic ability and power, grew concerned that their daughter was reaching far into the stars. Ruetta herself never gave up.

One day on a journey to town, a young Ruetta and her father were taking their harvest to the market. At the marketplace, Ruetta soon wandered out of sight from her father, distracted by the appearance of a group of magic knights in town. Their capes were black with gold trim, a golden skull of a bull decorated their front, designating them members of the Black Bull. Ruetta followed them, hoping to finally meet magic knights in person. However, in the busy marketplace the young girl soon became lost, wandering the stalls and arrays of goods. Panicking that she had lost track of her father and her magic knights, she ran through the stalls, crying her eyes out. At that moment, she happened to run into a sea merchant, setting down a box of live crabs. The little crustaceans got dumped onto the poor girl, causing her to scream in fright as they pinched her.

It was then that the girl was suddenly surrounded with a cold feeling, frost forming on her skin. The crabs soon stopped moving, falling off and slowing their movements to ice statues. Though cold and frightened, she was unhurt.

The young girl then looked up to see one of the very same magic knights she had been chasing after.

That day the Knight along with companions were stopping by the village as they headed toward the border of Diamond and Clover Kingdoms and just so happened to catch the attention of a small fan. The Knights helped return the girl to her father and pay damages to the sea merchant’s catch. It was then that Ruetta decided that no matter what, she would become a magic knight of the Black Bull Squad.

Years later, Ruetta would receive her very own grimoire and proved herself a potentially strong and talented healer in the Magic Knight Entrance exams. While she was desired by other squads, she knew that the Black Bull was the only one for her.

To this day Ruetta never could remember the name of the Knight who had helped her when she was just a girl. Despite now being a member of the very same squad, she still never could find word of him or his group. She also assumed that it was so long ago he would never remember her anyway.

Now a fully-fledged member of the squad of her dreams and a Magic Knight, Ruetta generally stays within the Black Bull Base, caring for wounded member who return and cooking meals in the galley. The girl does an odd mission here and there, but is patiently waiting for one day, a grand adventure of her own.

Character Perks:
Stamina Boost:
After initial Character Creation, Stat points delegated to your stamina stat only count for double. Such as 1 point to stamina equals 2 points to stamina
Sensory Ace:
After initial Character Creation, Stat points delegated to your sensory stat only count for double. Such as 1 point to sensory equals 2 points to sensory.
Sensory Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Sensory Magic, during combat only, you have +5 to your Sensory Stat.
Healing Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Healing Magic, all healing spells also give a Mana Regain of 25% of your target’s mana pool.

Elemental Type: Mist

Magic Specialization:

  • Healing Magic
  • Sensory Magic

Combat Style: Ruetta is a healer. She generally doesn’t fight and instead provides support to her allies in battle. Using her Mist element, Ruetta can heal multiple allies in a large radius. She further also has sensory magic, giving her the ability to detect her enemy and other traps in an area. Despite mostly being a non-combatant, Ruetta often employs the use of traps and grenades as defense for herself when necessary.

"Bugs are just such cuties~!"

"Oh... I don't like crabs."

"Being a Magic Knight is really the best and most honorable duty in the whole wide world."


  • Her favorite food is sweet cakes
  • There is no particular reason she wears her hair to cover her eye

Face Claim: Original Character drawn by me!

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