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Magic Knight Squads

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1 Magic Knight Squads on Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:08 am

Magic Knight Squads

The Clover Kingdom’s famous order of Magic Knights is split into nine main squads made of powerful magic knights ready to defend the kingdom and maintain peace throughout the land! Captains have authority over their squad, but also serve and act under the Magic Emperor and the Royal Family. During the Magic Knights Entrance Exam, captains of each squad observe and recruit new magic knights into their squads! Recruitment however, is not limited to the Entrance Exams alone, a captain is free to recruit any potential magic knight they feel worthy of recruiting into their respective squad at any time they wish.

Golden Dawn
Captain Arthurius Aurum [NPC]
Regarded as the strongest Magic Squad in the Clover Kingdom, the Golden Dawn only accept the best of the best into their ranks. Prodigies, geniuses, and elite magic knights fill the roster of this most prestigious squad, headed by the nephew of the Magic Emperor himself, Arthurius Aurum. Their symbol of the Blazing Dawn Sun represents their strength and dedication to protecting the future of their Kingdom.

Silver Eagle
Captain Argentia Silva [NPC]
Led by Argentia Silva, one in the long line of House Silva family nobles to head this elite Magic Squad, the Silver Eagle ranks are made mostly of nobility and court. In the most recent years, they have supposedly become open to recruiting Magic Knights of non-noble lineage. Due to most members being of nobility, they are known for their strength and immense magical power, still only accepting the strongest Magic Knights into their ranks.

Black Bull
Captain Kuroko Oushi [NPC]
The Black Bull, once infamously known as the worst Magic Squad out of all in the Order of Magic Knights, is now regarded as one of the most elite. Their Captain, the dangerous and deadly, Kuroko Oushi, however, still maintains the tradition of recruiting Magic Knights with unconventional or undesirable characteristics and quirks. They are a home for Magic Knights who cannot seem to find a place in any other magic squad, a welcoming squad for misfits, outcasts, and the seemingly hopeless.

Crimson Lion
Captain Lysander Rouge [NPC]
The magic squad most well known for their fiery passion and blazing combative spells, the Crimson Lion is led by the stern and demanding Captain Lysander Rouge. Members of this squad are highly dedicated and live for the service of the Order and protection of the Clover Kingdom. A militant squad that demands on the best of their members.

Blue Rose
Captain Lazuli Rosa [NPC]
A notably mostly female squad, the women of the Blue Rose hold strength and grace of equal importance. Captain Lazuli Rose maintains the tradition of its Valkyries, the battlefield is their home and they are a force to be reckoned with. While competitive and combat focused, they also hold many skilled healers.

Green Mantis
Captain Barron "Hannibal" Castle [NPC]
Only one magic squad can say they elicit fear when mentioned, the Green Mantis is led by the notorious Captain Barron “Hannibal” Castle, a magic knight whose sanity has often come into question among his fellow Captains. Castle however, holds a strong grip upon his squad and trains them to be ruthless and unrestrained in battle. In recent years, coming to the point of garnering quite a few black stars...

Purple Orca
Captain Jagen Lavender [NPC]
A noble man of House Lavender, Captain Jagen Lavender leads the Purple Orca with strength, style, and suave. They are a heavily defensive squad, notable for their strong tank-like magic knights and healers. Among the Order, the Purple Orca are well known for their value of tradition and maintain the image of a Magic Knight for the people and protector of the people.

Coral Peacock
Captain Glenda Koralli [NPC]
The magic squad with the youngest and newest leader, the Coral Peacock has gone under a noticeable change of authority. A prodigal young woman, Glenda Koralli is a caring and kind Magic Knight Captain who puts the safety of the people and of her squad above all else, and trains her magic knights to do the same. Many skilled healers are sought after in this squad.

Azure Deer
Captain Wren Zephyrus [NPC]
Under the leadership of the cold and cunning Captain Wren Zephyrus, the Azure Deer have become specialists among the Order, now known for their unique stealth and sensory techniques. A squad with a history of producing powerful magic knights, and even several Magic Emperors, the Azure Deer are among the elite Magic Squads in the Order.

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