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Zerachiel Silva

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1 Zerachiel Silva on Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:59 am

Zerachiel Silva

Junior Magic Knight 4th Class

"Just... call me Zera."

-Zerachiel Silva

Name: Zerachiel Silva
Age: 18
Birthday: May 22
Height: 6’1’’ ~ 185 cm
Weight: 174 lbs ~ 79 kg
Hair Color: Silver White
Eye Color: Light Grey

Silver Eagle

A lean young man with a toned muscular frame and mesomorph body type. He stands taller than most, his long silver white hair, characteristic of House Silva, is tied in a ponytail with bangs that often cover his right eye. His light-colored eyes, a trademark of the Silva lineage, look on with a distinct indifference toward most things. Fair, light skin is mostly covered with loose fitting, casual clothes. While not entirely a slob, Zera does prefer more comfortable, less formal style of attire, usually dark in color. Curiously, he hardly ever wears the traditional cloak of his magic squad, always stating he’d never be caught dead in the ‘ugly thing.’ Though objectively handsome, he gives off an aura of disinterest. His grey eyes often have dark bags underneath them, contrasting heavily with his pale colored skin. The only piece of jewelry he wears is a single earring on his left ear, which is in the shape of the Silva family crest.  

Most who know him, such as other nobles and members of his house, consider Zerachiel to be a lazy, unmotivated black sheep of the Silva family. It is to some extent true, though it is only because Zerachiel, or ‘Zera’ as he prefers, is essentially tired of all expectations placed upon him. He can be spiteful and silent, and considerably moody at times. The Silva is content with doing the bare minimum required of his job as a magic knight, so much so he hasn’t bothered with raising his rank up in the years since he’s become part of the famed Silver Eagle magic squad. He has a disdain for most nobles and royalty, disliking their arrogance and expectations. However, he holds little sympathy with the lower classes, also feeling that many of them hold expectations of who and what he’s supposed to be. Zera really isn’t entirely anti-social, though he doesn’t talk to people or make many friends simply because most people don’t talk to him. In conversation, he is succinct and pragmatic, often disliking it when unnecessary words are said or when unnecessary action is taken.

The Silva has little in terms of dreams or patriotism, again seeing his job as a magic knight a duty he is only required to do, not necessarily put forth so much effort. With such a terrible attitude, it’s a wonder how he wasn’t part of the Black Bulls. His saving grace is his magic ability, an impressive amount of magic power and surprisingly, combat prowess. Despite his laziness, when put under the pressure or motivation to fight, Zerachiel stands on par with the most devoted of magic knights. Able to strategize with a clear and cool mind even under the most stressful situations, when pushed to battle, Zera is an irreplaceable ally and notable adversary. It simply doesn’t show most of the time, and he further hardly ever has the motivation to do such good. Perhaps the only person who can push him to do his duties is the captain of the Silver Eagles herself, another member of the Silva Household.

It is surprising to find that Zera has many unfitting talents about him. Due to his noble birth and raising, he is knowledgeable in history, arcane mystics, geography, the ancient scriptures and runes, among various other subjects. He also is well versed formal manners, etiquette and even diplomacy, though he often chooses to ignore them. He has a marvelous cooking talent on par with high class chefs (he dislikes eating food prepared by others or food that he doesn’t see prepared in front of him, saying that he never knows if something has been poisoned). He keeps himself and personal areas, such as his room and others, unusually neat and well organized, also saying he doesn’t like people going through his things.

Zera enjoys sleeping or resting, taking naps in unconventional spaces, often using his feather type magic as a floating bed. While he doesn’t consider himself a lonely person, he does enjoy his personal space. In truth, he doesn’t mind people, if they don’t annoy him, yet he hardly ever is a conversation starter. His standoffish personality may be mistaken for arrogance, a trait he would vehemently deny he has. He doesn’t like children, his own family situation being somewhat complicated. And in terms of love, he isn’t looking for it, despite the many suitors that have flocked to him in recent years. While not exactly a gallant knight in shining armor, Zera can stand up for those weaker or socially lower than him, especially if he sees blatant noble elitism before him. Since those of the Silva line are somewhat well known for their elitist behavior, Zera has always wished to distance himself from that legacy. He holds a noticeable hatred for the Diamond Kingdom and all those who have anything to do it, stemming from a tragedy in life that happened because of the Diamond Kingdom.  

Overall Zerachiel Silva is simply a young man who is resentful of his station and all expectations of him. While not necessarily friendly and outgoing, he is more open than what most people would believe.  Given a little time and a little patience, Zera can become a great ally and even companion, though the Silva would never admit himself a ‘friend’ to anyone.

Zerachiel Silva was born to the Magic Knight Zacchaeus Silva and his wife, Holly. Holly died giving birth to Zerachiel, so he grew up never knowing his mother. Zacchaeus, like most members of the Silva family, was a Magic Knight belonging to the Silver Eagle. A respected Magic Knight of the Order, he also was a kind and caring parent to his only son. As the years went by, Zacchaeus became worried about his son growing up without a mother. Soon thereafter, Zacchaeus married a woman of lower nobility, Valarie Rhine. A kind and gentle woman, Valerie always tried to be a caring mother figure toward Zerachiel, however the boy was essentially unable to connect with her, since, in Zerachiel’s own terms “she was not his true mother.”

Zerachiel always knew he would become a Magic Knight like his father. His initial dreams when he was young were that he would be a noble protector of the people, someone like his father. Zacchaeus was a progressive figure among the noble elite working to help bridge the gap between the upper and lower classes.  The young Silva had hoped to continue that legacy, until his father was killed.

When he was fifteen, Zerachiel, like all children in the Clover Kingdom, received his grimoire. He then partook in the Magic Knight Entrance Exams and naturally was recruited by Silver Eagle Magic Squad. In the beginning, he was a promising rookie Magic Knight, his skills in combat and magical power were among the best of the Junior Knights of that year. His father was proud of his son, and he had been proud of himself too.

With the tensions between the Diamond and Clover Kingdoms on high, Zacchaeus was called away to the border to defend against an invading force. It was not of course, direct magic knights of the Diamond Kingdom, less there be an actual war between the Kingdoms, but mercenaries hired by various third-parties. The gold itself was nigh impossible to trace back to the Diamond Kingdom’s Royal treasury, but most already knew that it did. In the battle, Zacchaeus was killed.

Zerachiel was devastated.

He had felt that his father was the only true family he ever had, and now he had lost him. Valarie had attempted to comfort him, but just as before, Zerachiel refused to accept her as his mother. He had a newfound hatred for the Diamond Kingdom. He blamed the duty of being a Magic Knight, something he once idolized, as the reason for his father’s death and grew to resent it. His anger came out in spitefulness, a sudden drastic change to becoming known as the lazy and unmotivated Magic Knight he is today.  

In the years after his father’s death, Valarie did remarry. Zerachiel’s step-father however, also happened to be his father’s younger brother, his uncle, Zoran Silva. While not initially close with his uncle, he did grow to resent him and his step-mother even more. Though it was a curious situation, Valarie and Zoran had a child, Zerachiel’s little sister and cousin, Vivi.

To this day, Zerachiel still currently remains as part of the Silver Eagle magic squad, despite his often refusal to do missions or partake in other duties as a Magic Knight. While there have been rumors of the Silva being expelled from the Order, the current Captain of the Silver Eagles, another Silva relative, denies any such word, despite a probable fact that Zerachiel wouldn’t mind being expelled at all.

Character Perks:
Triple Specialization:
Your magic knight has the ability to specialize in THREE different types of magic specializations instead of two!

Takes up TWO Perk Slots.

(Specialization limitation still apply)
Attack Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Attack/Attack-Creation Magic, during combat only, you have +3 to your Power Stat.
Defense Specialist:
Since your Magic Knight Specializes in Defense/Defense-Creation Magic, during combat only, you have +3 to your Stamina stat.

(Does not effect size of your mana pool)

Elemental Type: Feather

Magic Specialization:

  • Attack-Attack Creation
  • Defense-Defense Creation
  • Supplementary Creation

Combat Style: There are two different styles of fighting one can encounter when battling Zerachiel. The first and generally most common is the lazy, unmotivated and somewhat sloppy defensive battle style. Zerachiel often will be uninterested in showing force or counterattack, therefore using surprisingly heavy defensive purposes of his feather magic, forming shields and barriers to protect himself. Often not interested in winning a fight, he will rely on his stamina and prominent magical power to carry him through and outlast an opponent. The second and far more combative style the Silva holds only shows when he has been pushed to give effort into a fight. He is a rather ruthless fighter, planning only for victory, and turning his strong defensive abilities to an all-out assault-like offensive. He focuses on direct attacks and maintains a calm, collected attitude in battle. Again he will use his stamina and large mana reserves to his advantage, waiting to outlast his opponent rather than beat them if he can.


“Why don’t I wear that stupid cape? Because I’d rather not look like a gaudy idiot.”
“Leave me alone. I’m tired. I'm going to take a nap.”

“Yes, I’m a Silva. And I’m part of the Silver Eagle. What a surprise.”


  • His favorite food is steak and potatoes.
  • There is no specific reason he wears his hair to cover his eye.

Face Claim: Original Character drawn by me!

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