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How To: Update Your Stat Page

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1 How To: Update Your Stat Page on Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:23 pm

Okay! So you’ve gone and finished your thread or your mission and you’ve written your 1,000+ words and tallied your stat and spell points and now you want to add them to your character! So how exactly do you do it?

At the end of your Stat Page is the update table! The update table is rather self-explanatory but we’ll still walk you through it.

  • Thread Link – Put a link to your thread here. Make sure it is a completed thread with an exit post for your character. Alternatively, any other time you gain Spell or Stat points as a reward such in Special Events or when you pay Spell Points for a spell, link that thread here.

  • Gains/Losses – State the number Spell Points and Stat Points you earned. This is also where you state your spent Spell Points when you pay for spells. Remember that for every 1,000 words, you gain both 1 Stat Point and 1 spell point.

  • Updates – State where you intend to add your stat points you earned. For example +3 Stamina or +5 sensory. If you have a special stat bonus perk, which should already be listed in your stat page, add the doubled amount in bold. For example, if I have the Stamina Boost perk and I intend to add 3 stat point to Stamina, 3 x 2 = 6, so I would place +6 Stamina. This is also where you list your added character perks when the time comes to add them.

  • Date – List the date you’ve made this edit. It’s the best way to keep track of things for both yourself and the Magic Mods!

Once you’ve filled out your update table, it’s some simple math to update your Stats. If you added to Stamina enough to add to your mana pool, also update that too! Remember you begin with a mana pool of 10 and for every 5 points to Stamina, your mana pool increases by 10.

Be responsible!

Notice! Updating your stats doesn’t require moderator approval! You as the player are expected to update and keep track of your stats fairly and responsibly, not only for yourself but for other players around you. If you need help, then the Magic Emperor and Magic Mods are always willing to lend a hand! The only times Mods will ever really check your stats is when you wish to rank up, update your Grimoire, or participate in official events, which then we carefully verify that you have fairly obtained all the requirements and have honestly kept track of your stats.

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