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How To: Set Up Your Stat Page

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1 How To: Set Up Your Stat Page on Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:17 pm

Okay! So you’ve gotten your character set up and approved, now you have to set up your stat page! Your stat page is very important because it’s what keeps up with all your stats! If you ever want to fight, learn spells, and keep track of your perks, this is the main hub!

All you have to do is copy and paste the stat page template and fill it out! It is mostly self-explanatory, but we’ll still walk you through it. A little math is involved, but nothing too hard!

  • Character Perks – List your characters perks, both the name and the description, which can be copy and pasted from the character perks list. You should have two that you picked as well as any free perks that come from any of your magic specializations. Later on, when you add perks as your character grows stronger up, you will add them here.

  • Stat Table – Here’s the bulk of it! The stat table lists POWER, STAMINA, SENSORY, SPEED, CONTROL and STAT TOTAL. Place numbers in the corresponding boxes for each stat, your stat total is the total number of all your stats combined. If this is a beginning character, no single stat should exceed 30 and your stat total should add to 45.

  • Mana Pool – Stamina is the stat that determines your magic knight’s defensive capabilities, but more importantly it determines the size of your Magic Knight’s Mana Pool. You begin with a mana pool with a size of 10 and for every 5 points you place in Stamina, your Mana Pool increases by 10. For example, I place 10 points in stamina, 10 / 5 = 2, 2 * 10 = 20, 20 + 10 = 30, My Mana pool size is 30.

  • Spell Points – Upon creating your initial character, you are given 15 free spell points. However, you’re probably going to spend them to create some spells!

  • Update Table – This is where you list your gains and losses and changes to your stats, the table is pretty self-explanatory but THIS guide also further explains how to update your state page.

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