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Roleplay: How To

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1 Roleplay: How To on Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:47 pm

Here at Black Clover, we have elastic time, meaning each character you have can be multiple threads at once and still maintain linear storyline for your character. The limit of threads per character is THREE . This is so you don’t overwhelm yourself with an insane number of threads! There are several different kinds of threads, such as Social, Mission and Special Events threads. You can be in any number of any kind of thread you wish.

For all threads, at the end of every post you should tally your consecutive wordcount. Keeping track of your wordcount is very important because at the end your total wordcount contributes to the total stat points and spell points you gained for the thread!

  • Social Threads – These are the most common threads. They don’t necessarily require a label like [SOCIAL] (though recommended) and can be anything from a meeting to a battle between knights. Please do label whether a thread is [OPEN], meaning that anyone can jump in a thread at any time. Or [CLOSED], meaning that only certain participants are allowed in this thread, further specifying the character(s) involved in the thread is also a good idea.

  • Mission Threads – These are threads that complete missions. They require a [MISSION] label, however the title of the thread isn’t required to be the name of the mission. Mission threads are naturally always Closed threads, available only to the participants who have requested the mission. Again, naming the participants involved is generally a good idea.

  • Special Event Threads – These are special threads only available during events. They may have special rewards! Usually there’s only one of these events going on at a time.

Death-Enabled Threads
A Death-Enabled Thread means that characters participating are in danger of dying or of being killed. All Threads on the forum board are naturally not Death-Enabled. To Death-Enable a thread, simply add [DEATH – ENABLED] or [DE] tag. Just because a thread has this tag, does not mean that characters actually have to die, it just adds the risk of consequence. However, if circumstances seem unfair, a Magic Mod or the Magic Emperor can be contacted and intervene.

Ending Threads
At the end of your thread, please have an exit post for your character that ends the thread and tallies up your final wordcount and how many stat points and spell points you earned. Remember for every 1,000 words, you earn 1 stat point and 1 spell point simultaneously. For example, if I write 5,000 words in a thread, I gain both 5 stat points and 5 spell points. Do not round up or down. I gain 5 stat points and 5 spell points regardless of whether I write 5,001 words or 5,999 words. To officially gain your stat and spell points, you must link the thread in your updated stat page. Additionally, for missions, list the mission’s wordcount requirement to show that you have completed the mission.

Earning Gold Per Post
For every post you gain 10 gold! Furthermore, posts in the funzone and every other time you write a post you gain 5 gold! So the more active you are and the more you post, the more gold you get!

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