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Alexia's Grimoire

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1 Alexia's Grimoire on Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:10 am


Junior Magic Knight 5th Class
As Alexia's full potential is still to be unlocked only the left-side pages of her grimoire are inscribed.
Left-side Pages - Water:
Junior Class Spells:

Name of Spell: Water Make: Liquid Broom
Elemental Type: Water
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Supplementary Creation - Item/Transport Creation
Range: 30 m height
Mana Cost: 10 - Initial Cast, 5 - Continuing Cast
Stats: +4 Speed
Description: The caster conjures a broomstick made of water which allows the the user to fly at a moderate level, up to 30 m. It has a maximum carrying load of 90 kg, and is not suited to carry multiple occupants. The primary advantage of the water broom over a regular one is that due to its lower mass allows the user to travel faster than an ordinary one would allow. It can also be utilized as a regular broom for cleaning, or as a mop by allowing liquid to leak and be suctioned from the bottom end. The stick portion of the broom can also be used as a makeshift blunt weapon if needed.

Name of Spell: Sinistral Water Current
Elemental Type:  Water
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Reinforcement
Range: N/A
Mana Cost: 10 - Initial Cast, 5 - Continuing Cast  
Stats: + 7 Speed
Description: Using this spell the caster creates an internal water current within the left half of their body which speeds up bodily functions and reaction speeds allowing the user to push beyond their normal limits. This is however limited to the limbs and functions of their left hand side, and thus a high level of coordination and discipline is required in order to reap the benefits. It will also increase the effects and speed of healing and replenishing magic used on the left half of the user’s body (5% increased effectiveness). Due to the clashing nature of currents, each half of the body can only house one current at a time.

Name of Spell: Water Make: Liquid Sword
Elemental Type: Water
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Supplementary Creation - Item Creation
Range: N/A
Mana Cost: 10 - Initial Cast, 5 - Continuing Cast
Stats: + 4 to the primary stat boosting effect of the current being applied to the left half of the user’s body.
Description: The caster conjures a dress sword (small sword) of water roughly 90 cm in length with a tapered point, primarily used for thrusting. The hilt is of the shell-type with a disk and lobe to protect the hand. Even though it may appear so, the Liquid Sword is not a true Attack Creation spell and is thus limited to use in the user’s left hand only, and once physical contact is broken the sword dissipates. This drawback is balanced by the enhancement effects of the sword which act as an extension of the body for current-type reinforcement magic being applied there, thus boosting its effectiveness.

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