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Character Death and Reincarnation

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1 Character Death and Reincarnation on Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:20 pm

Character Death and Reincarnation

As it stands, Player Characters can only die or be killed in Death-Enabled Threads. If you really do just feel like having your character killed, you are free to do so however you wish in a Death-Enabled Board! As fair warning, characters CANNOT be killed in non-DE threads but participating in a DE thread automatically means that you accept the risk of your character dying. All areas within the Clover Kingdom are non Death-Enabled. Areas that are always Death-Enabled are Underwater Temple, Volcano Hot Springs, and the Wildlands Once your character is satisfactorily dead, then you are able to reincarnate them into a completely new character. The reincarnated character has some gains from the recently deceased but not everything.

  • 75% of Total Stat Points to be distributed however you wish

  • 50% of Gold

  • The reincarnated character is a completely different character from the original, in personality, origin, and background. While some aspects can be similar, this is still a wholly new person.

  • The new character has the option of having the same magic types and elements or not, but regardless spells cannot carry over to the new character. You can choose to have the same spells if your magic type and elements are the same, however the reincarnated character must re-learn them, paying gold and spell points like usual.

  • The new character (if in the Order) starts as Junior Class 5th Rank Magic Knight with a Junior Rank Grimoire regardless of how strong they may be. They do not have to be in the same squad as the original character or even in the Order.

  • The new character does not inherit any gold stars earned by the previous character.

  • The new character does not receive any items from the previous character. Items that belonged to the previous character are sold at half price and added to the gold to be given to the new character.

  • Likewise, character perks are not inherited but are chosen again, they can be the same however.

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