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Character Creation: Some Guidelines

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1 Character Creation: Some Guidelines on Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:12 pm

Just some general tips, reminders, and guidelines for character creation!

  • As a reminder, Black Clover RP takes place 150 years after the events of the current Black Clover animanga universe. Therefore we do not accept canon characters or characters directly related to canon characters. You can be part of a noble household mentioned in Black Clover, such as Silva or Vermillion, but you cannot claim to be Asta’s great grandson or Noelle’s great-granddaughter.

  • No Modern Technology – Black Clover takes place in a fantasy magic setting, meaning no mentioning things like smartphones or the internet or cars or hoverboards or battery-operated machinery etc.

  • Always credit your Faceclaim, this prevents double faceclaims and/or people using/stealing other art!

  • Never use a real person as a faceclaim. As Black Clover is a manga, we wish to keep the animanga theme of the source material! We accept any animanga faceclaim, as well as other animated or comics or art faceclaims.

  • If making a character and wishing for them to be chosen into a magic squad via the Magic Knight Entrance Exams, make your character a Wandering Magic Knight. However, the Magic Knight Entrance Exams only occur once a year RP wise, or twice a year in real time.

  • You can choose to be part of a squad and spin a tail of your own recruitment into the squad, also further requesting for a character plot and recruitment thread, narrated by a Magic Mod that uses the NPC squad captain. Keep in mind that narrated threads may take time if the Magic Emperor and Magic Mods are busy. Otherwise, simply choose a squad upon character creation.

  • You are allowed to have up to 5 different character accounts at once.

  • While we accept characters foreign to the Clover Kingdom, such as those who originate across the sea or from the Diamond or other Kingdoms, we do not accept characters who would currently be part of another kingdom's order or military. Magic Knights here must be part of the Clover Kingdom's Order of Magic Knights or be Wandering Knights. This is for simplicity's sake as well as this RP board is meant to focus on the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights.

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