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How To: Make and Learn Spells

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1 How To: Make and Learn Spells on Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:13 am

Spells are the ultimate and only way to cast and use magic! Our spell creation system is meant to be easy to understand and easy to grasp, but here's a general guide of how it should go!

  • Step 1: Read over spell guidelines! It’s very important to have an idea of the spell strength and spell ranks when making your spell, it gives you a good idea of how powerful your spell should be at rank and all the nitty gritty details like Type, Cost, Mana Cost, and everything else! Find them here

  • Step 2: Create your Spell! Make a topic in the Spell Creation forum and copy and paste the Spell Template, filling in all the things you need to fill in for your spell. If this is your first set of spells, please take care NOT to label these spells as your 'grimoire' because your grimoire is a separate list entirely you keep and update per each additional spell you will learn in the future!

  • Step 3: Ask for approval! When you’re ready, make a request in Spell Approval. You shouldn’t have to wait too long until the Magic Emperor or a Magic Mod comes to look over your spell. If there are some issues with your spell, then we are ready to help until it meets standards!

    Step 4: Learn your spell! After your spell has been approved, you have to learn it and add it to your Grimoire In order to do that, you must have the adequate number of spell points and gold. Go back to Spell Approval and link to your requested spell you wish to learn, also linking to your stat page (since this is where you should keep track of your spell points!) When the Magic Emperor or Magic Mod checks over everything and gives you a stamp of approval, your gold is automatically subtracted and you must subtract your spell points. You should have a post in the Magic board, this is where your Grimoire is located and now add your spell!

Congratulations! You’ve now completed making your spell, had it approved, added it to your Grimoire, and now can cast it like a real magic knight!

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