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Roleplay Rules

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1 Roleplay Rules on Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:32 pm

  • Black Clover RP is a canon based roleplay that takes place 150 years after the events happening in the Black Clover animanga universe and media.

  • We accept no canon characters or characters directly related to the main characters in Black Clover. However, you can make your character part of a noble household mentioned in Black Clover, ie Silva, Vermillion, etc. and you may make a character who idolizes a current character in the Black Clover manga (ie You really like Asta because he never gives up).

  • NO POWERPLAYING, GODMODDING, MARY SUES ETC. Please roleplay fairly, considering the strengths and weaknesses of your character as well as others and respect the limits of your characters realistically. We want a fun experience for everyone and it’s no fun if someone isn’t playing fairly! And create characters that have both strengths AND weaknesses, the best characters are certainly a mix of both!

  • NO POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS, OR OTHERWISE DISCOURSE. And also, just don’t be a jerk. This isn’t that kind of discussion board, and neither is the chatbox. Be a respectful person!

  • NO MODERN TECHNOLOGY. Black Clover is set in a fantasy magic setting! This means no smartphones, internet, hoverboards, cars, cyborgs, androids, battery operated machinery, etc.

  • NO NSFW CONTENT. No one really wants to see that. Either take it off site or to the PMs if things get seriously spicy.

  • Keep it PG(-13). We’re not all adults here. So don’t excessively swear, don’t make it excessively gory, and make it tasteful enough.
  • Your username should be your character name. This is because we group users into their Magic Knight Squads this way.


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