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CURRENT SEASON: Winter || Welcome to the Black Clover RP Forum! || Winter has come and days have become cold and gray, the Clover Kingdom now experiences a frosty snowy season... || Event: Monster Hunter! But things aren't so quiet after all! A sudden surge in Mana Beast reports have been spotted across the Kingdom! Magic Knights and Wandering Mages are encouraged to group together and fight off these unexpected menaces! Sign Ups Here!

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Roleplay Rules

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1 Roleplay Rules on Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:32 pm

  • Black Clover RP is a canon based roleplay that takes place 150 years after the events happening in the Black Clover animanga universe and media.

  • We accept no canon characters or characters directly related to the main characters in Black Clover. However, you can make your character part of a noble household mentioned in Black Clover, ie Silva, Vermillion, etc. and you may make a character who idolizes a current character in the Black Clover manga (ie You really like Asta because he never gives up).

  • NO POWERPLAYING, GODMODDING, MARY SUES ETC. Please roleplay fairly, considering the strengths and weaknesses of your character as well as others and respect the limits of your characters realistically. We want a fun experience for everyone and it’s no fun if someone isn’t playing fairly! And create characters that have both strengths AND weaknesses, the best characters are certainly a mix of both!

  • NO POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS, OR OTHERWISE DISCOURSE. And also, just don’t be a jerk. This isn’t that kind of discussion board, and neither is the chatbox. Be a respectful person!

  • NO MODERN TECHNOLOGY. Black Clover is set in a fantasy magic setting! This means no smartphones, internet, hoverboards, cars, cyborgs, androids, battery operated machinery, etc.

  • NO NSFW CONTENT. No one really wants to see that. Either take it off site or to the PMs if things get seriously spicy.

  • Keep it PG(-13). We’re not all adults here. So don’t excessively swear, don’t make it excessively gory, and make it tasteful enough.
  • Your username should be your character name. This is because we group users into their Magic Knight Squads this way.


  • Concerning spells in combat situations against other players (PvP); to prevent spamming, the use of a specific spell more than once per post is prohibited.

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