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How To: Claim and Complete Missions

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1 How To: Claim and Complete Missions on Wed Jul 05, 2017 10:58 pm

Missions are the main and most important way to earn gold stars and thus rank up! But tackling missions can be somewhat of a challenge, so here’s a step by step guide!

  • Step 1: Claim your mission! First you must pick a mission to do! You can either do a mission by yourself or with another Magic Knight. Potential partners in missions are not limited by Magic Squad, if you’re a Black Bull, then you’re completely free to partner up with a Golden Dawn member to do missions together. As long as both people agree, of course. The Mission Board holds all available missions, separated and listed by rank. To claim a mission, simply post on the respective board claiming the mission for yourself and your potential partners. Alternatively, you can also make a mission and then claim it for yourself. This Step is no longer necessary. Please just be aware of your character’s limits and thread limits. You’ll only need to post mission approval once it is completed from now on. No need to wait for staff to give you the go ahead to start missions.

  • Step 2: Complete the mission! Missions have certain criteria that must be met, most commonly a specific area they take place, an objective to complete, and a word count requirement. Post in the correct area, write a thread that describes how you completed the mission and make sure that you meet the word count requirement! The requirement is a minimum, you are free and completely encouraged to write more if you wish! The word count doubly counts for the missions and earns you spell points and stat points. The word count can change depending on if you do the mission solo or a mission above or below your rank. Doing a mission with a partner(s) does not affect the requirement, each individual must meet the word count requirement for the mission to considered complete for each of them.   Also! Be sure to label your thread as a [MISSION] thread and copy and paste the mission template at the very beginning of the thread.

  • Step 3: Ask for Approval! When you’ve completed your mission go to the mission approval thread and fill the Mission Approval Template to ask for approval of your mission! If you’ve done your mission correctly, you’ll be awarded gold stars and gold! (And who knows some other rewards too!) However, if you also do something destructive or otherwise in your mission, you may also obtain Black Stars which negatively affect your star count

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully claimed and completed a mission, and earned your gold and gold stars! Keep doing missions and earning stars to rank up and become a great Magic Knight!

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