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Broomstick Galore! [Closed, Mission]

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1 Broomstick Galore! [Closed, Mission] on Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:07 pm

Aoi Hino

Intermediate Magic Knight 5th Class
The Broommaker:

Mission Name: The Broommaker
Mission Rank: Junior
Mission Location: The Common Region
Gold Stars: 1
Gold Reward: 600
Word Count: 1,000 Words  
Number of Participants:  1
Mission Description: Ever wonder how a broom is made? The broommaker never tells his secrets! The Broommaker of Kikka has requested the someone gather the wood he carves into magic brooms! Venture in the mountainy forests of the common region and gather rare mana-infused wood for broom making and return it to the Broommaker. You never know, you might get a special surprise!

Aoi had had enough of the Noble Region. The exuberant prices and standoff-ish people had put Aoi off for a good few months. Although, he had some good times baby sitting and being a part-time waiter, it was time he set off and explore new regions; hopefully furthering his magic abilities. Aoi had woken up early that morning so he could catch the sun rise one last time in the Noble Region. The boy donned his typical white t-shirt and black robe. For bottoms, he wore his comfortable cotton pants. Since he would be doing a fairly large amount of walking Aoi also wore his pair of brown boots. Aoi checked out of the inn he had been staying at. He bid the innkeeper farewell and paid what he owed. With that Aoi started on his journey out of the Noble Region to discover new and exciting places.

As soon as he exited the inn the sun had begun to peak out over the royal palace. The sunbeams reflected off the clear, crystal windows and continued to dance across the town. Aoi took a deep breath of morning air. Since no one was wake this early in the morning Aoi sat himself on the ground in order to fully appreciate the view. Since living in the Noble Region for about a week now Aoi had a slight grasp on the people here. Had he just decided to plonk himself down onto the pavement in the middle of a busy road he would have been scoffed at and jeered at almost immediately. Sitting on the floor was considered commoner behaviour and such behaviour was not tolerated for in the Noble Region. After watching the sun rise for a solid half and hour Aoi finally decided to get up off the floor. The boy dusted himself off and began on the road out of the Noble Region.

The town had begun to awaken. Soon, carts full of food drawn by horses and donkeys began to share the road Aoi was on. These were the imports and exports to and from the Noble Region. Growing quite tired the boy began to slow his pace. He had walked for about four hours now and the sun began to really blaze. Deciding to take a rest Aoi found solace in the shade of a leafy tree. The boy sat down at the base of the tree and opened his knapsack in which he had packed a water bottle and some lunch. After taking in a copious amount of water Aoi unwrapped his lunch. He had bought a ham and lettuce sandwich from the inn he was staying at the night before. Aoi bit down on his sandwich causing a loud crunch noise which came from the crisp lettuce. After another five large bites Aoi had finished the sandwich. However, his feet were still sore and the sun was still beating down hard. As he almost gave up in despair Aoi had a cheeky idea. The boy got up on his feet and circled behind one of the many carts sharing the road. Very quietly Aoi leapt up inside and hid among the various vegetables that had been packed into the cart. Unknown to the cart driver, Aoi had managed to sneak onto his vehicle.


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2 Re: Broomstick Galore! [Closed, Mission] on Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:13 pm

Aoi Hino

Intermediate Magic Knight 5th Class
Aoi now had shelter from the sun however being at the back of the cart he was in for a bumpy ride. Aoi did not really care where this cart was headed. As long as it was away from the Noble Region and to a new place Aoi had yet to explore he was game for anything. After another three hours of bumping along the cart had finally drawn to a stop. Aoi heard the man driving the cart get out of his seat and start to unload the vegetables from the cart. Having not thought about an exit strategy this took Aoi by surprise. He immediately panicked and leapt out of the pile of vegetables. With a very perplexed look the man fell backwards. Aoi bolted away and as doing so shouted out, “Thank you! I am so sorry!”

Aoi observed his surroundings. The sun was now beginning to set. Aoi had ended up in some sort of merchant town. The town was setting up a night market and had just began to liven up. Aoi continued to wander among the busy activity. Stalls had now begun to be erected. There were many stalls selling street food and magic items. The boy had ventured up to a store selling broomsticks. Plastered across its door read “Kikka’s Finest Brooms”. From that sign Aoi had gathered that he had ended up in a merchant town by the name of Kikka. With nothing to do Aoi entered the shop. There were hundreds of broomsticks on display in the store. There was fine layer of dust over everything which was evidence that the store had not been in busy in a while. An old lady tended to the counter.

“Ah! A customer!” The white-haired geriatric said in a shrill voice, “We’re broomstick galore!”

Aoi glanced at some of the price tags. The cheapest broomstick he could see was ten thousand pieces of gold which was far more expensive than Aoi could afford.

“No, I am just looking,” Aoi sheepishly replied.

The woman sensed Aoi’s unwillingness to buy and instead offered another opportunity to the boy.

“I need someone to go and find mana wood for me. These old bones are preventing me from collecting anymore wood.”

Aoi nodded and accepted the job extremely willingly. He was always up for an opportunity make more gold! The boy skipped out of the store with axe in hand and ran off into the Kikka forest. Aoi’s next step was to locate which trees had enough mana to be classified as mana infused wood. Aoi held out his right hand and a large map of ice developed, covering a radius of fifteen metres around Aoi. From the map Aoi could see a concentration of trees with a high mana content ten metres to his right. Dispelling the map Aoi began to head in that direction. Aoi began to chop down one of the medium sized trees. He would need to drag the tree all the way back to the broom,aker’s store and as such did not want to choose an extremely heavy tree. With about ten swings from the borrowed axe the tree had been felled. Grabbing the tree by the trunk Aoi began to drag it back towards Kikka.
As he reached the edge of the forest Aoi spotted a rather angry rhinoceros. With its head bowed the rhinoceros began to stamp its foot clearly wanting to charge Aoi. The rhinoceros barrelled towards the mage. Aoi had just enough time to dive before the rhinoceros would have skewered him. The rhino seemed to be angry at Aoi for stealing magic wood from the forest. Not wanting to hurt the animal, Aoi produced an icicle and fired it at the rhinoceros’ horn. The icicle was not powerful enough to damage the horn but was enough to scare the rhinoceros away. Aoi breathed a sigh of relief. He continued to drag the tree.

After finally returning the broomstick store the broommaker was delighted with Aoi’s haul. She paid him the gold she had promised and Aoi went on his way.

1231/1200 Words
Mana 19/35


Name of Spell: Yuki-onna’s Divinity
Elemental Type: Ice
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Sensory
Range: Radius of 10 metres and addition radius of 5 metres for every five stat points in sensory after 10.
Mana Cost: 10 to activate, 5 per post to maintain
Description: Creates a detailed three dimensional map made of ice of  the area around the caster. Locations of people and area of high mana are noted. The size the map covers depends on the sensory stat of the caster. The base radius is 10 metres and for every 5 points in sensory stat adds an additional 10 metres.

Name of Spell: Yuki-onna’s Icicle
Elemental Type: Ice
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Attack Creation
Range: 30 m
Mana Cost: 10
Stats: -4 to Speed
Description: A single fast moving icicle, able to cut and pierce 2 inch wounds. The area that is hit will freeze over, limiting the victim’s movement.

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3 Re: Broomstick Galore! [Closed, Mission] on Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:29 am

Jett King

Junior Magic Knight 5th Class
With a total word count of 1231/1200 you have a…

Mission Complete!


  • 1 Spell Point
  • 1 Stat Point
  • 600 Gold
  • ....and a surprise, Kikka's finest broom.

Kikka's Finest Broom:
Item Name: Kikka's Finest Broom
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Item Type: Broom - Personal Transport
Item Rank: Junior
Stats: +2 Speed
Item Appearance:
Item Description: As a thanks for helping her in her time of need, the Broomaker of Kikka has granted Aoi a broom all his own! Via channeling mana through the broom, you are granted the ability to fly! Only viable for one magic knight, unable to carry other passengers. Extremely expensive.
[b]Item Name:[/b] Kikka's Finest Broom
[b]Elemental Affinity:[/b] N/A
[b]Item Type:[/b] Broom - Personal Transport
[b]Item Rank:[/b] Junior
[b]Stats:[/b] +2 Speed
[b]Item Appearance:[/b]
[b]Item Description:[/b] As a thanks for helping her in her time of need, the Broomaker of Kikka has granted Aoi a broom all his own! Via channeling mana through the broom, you are granted the ability to fly! Only viable for one magic knight, unable to carry other passengers. Extremely expensive.

Comments: I liked this mission, it gave a good sense of the sheer size of the kingdom based on Aoi's travel time.  The rhino at the end caught me off guard but it was nice to see Aoi deal with it without hurting the creature too bad.  Overall a good mission and a good read, enjoy your spoils!

Additional note: To receive your gold, please put in a request in the emperor's approval thread here.

Jett King Details:
Name: Jett King
Magic Order: Purple Orca
Grimoire: Jett's Grimoire
Speech: Purple - 9300C4
Stats: Here
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