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Ranking Up System

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1 Ranking Up System on Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:11 pm

Ranking up!

Ranking up is very important! It lets everyone know how far you’ve come from being a lowly 5th rank Junior Magic Knight, to climbing all the way to the top! Although our Magic Emperor rank is NPC locked, captain positions may eventually be taken by Player Characters, by Grand Magic Knights ONLY. We follow the same ranking system used in Black Clover, 5 Magic Knight Ranks with 5 classes per Rank (excluding Magic Emperor). A Magic Knight can rank up by earning stars, completing missions, and do notable accomplishments! There are two main ways to earn gold stars and rank up!

  • MISSIONS earn you stars! Depending on the difficulty of the mission, more difficult missions earning you more stars! However, actions you perform in a mission may affect the number of stars you obtain negatively! Such as if you successfully protect a town from bandits, but you end up destroying the town as well, you might end up getting a black star instead of a gold star, which subtracts your star count! Missions are reviewed and approved by the Magic Emperor and/or Magic Modes. For more on Missions, go the Mission Guidelines.

  • Another way to earn stars is NOTABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Notable Accomplishments are just notable and noble acts that your Magic Knight does to get their name out there and help the Clover Kingdom maintain its peaceful and just as a powerful magic society! Notable Accomplishments Stars are awarded to Magic Knights who’ve shown themselves capable in special circumstances, unexpected battles, or whatever other crisis that Knights usually find themselves in that is NOT in a mission. Anything from protecting a citizen from a public bandit to discovering a new dungeon with magic artifacts. Notable Accomplishments are most commonly obtained through events and special threads, though if you feel that in a thread you’ve participated in has an accomplishment that’s truly notable, there is an accomplishments application thread! It is noted that Notable Accomplishments must become more impressive as your Magic Knight ranks up higher and higher. As in, it may be impressive that you as a Junior Knight took down a bank robber, but less so if you were a Senior Magic knight. If you were a senior magic knight, it may be more impressive to suddenly stop an assassination attempt of a royal (of which you weren’t assigned to protect).

Once your earned your number of stars, post in the Emperor's Approval Thread using the correct application. The Magic Emperor will look over your application, assuring all the numbers add up, and thus your Rank Up will be approved!

Alternatively, you can attend the ANNUAL WAR MERITS CONFERNMENT CEREMONY.  A special ceremony by invitation of the Magic Emperor in which Magic Knights are promoted! This is an event thread that happens once every year RP time.

Both ways also are open to Deluxe Promotion ranking up several sublevels in ranks or ranks entirely, such as ranking up from Junior Magic Knight 5th Rank -> Junior Magic Knight 1st Rank.

Ranking Up System: Rewards and Requirements

  • RANK – Rank is the level of your magic knight, based off of seniority, experience, contribution to protecting the peace of the kingdom, and gold stars earned! There are four ranks achievable by player characters, the beginning rank is Junior, followed by Intermediate, Senior, and finally Grand. The fifth and top rank excludes class ranks, and is the Magic Emperor, which is NPC locked. Per reaching a rank, you are given a bonus of some Free Spell Points! To advance a rank, you must first advance through all the classes.

  • CLASS – Class is like a rank within a rank, running from 5th class to 1st class, lowest to highest. In order to advance in a rank, you must advance from 5th to 1st class in each respective rank. This is accomplished by earning gold stars.  The number of stars listed per class per rank is the minimum number of total stars needed.

Stars Per Class and Rank

To Class Up per rank, all you need is to gain a certain number of stars! The numbers listed are the total number of stars you need to earn.

Rank5th Class4th Class3rd Class2nd Class1st Class




















Rewards per Rank

Per each new rank you reach, you gain some free spell points to make some new spells!


15 Free Spell Points


20 Free Spell Points


25 Free Spell Points


30 Free Spell Points

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