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Mission Guidelines

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1 Mission Guidelines on Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:28 am


Missions are the backbone of the Order. Doing missions earns your Magic Knight gold rewards and gold stars! Not only that, but many missions are by commission of the people of the Clover Kingdom, so doing them also helps the people! Missions must first be claimed on their respective mission board, and once done, overviewed by the MAGIC EMPEROR or Magic Mods in the Missions Approval Board and finally approved! Your magic knight gets the bounty and the gold stars for yourself and for you Magic Squad! (provided of course, they complete the mission successfully and don’t do something bad to get a black star).

  • A mission has a certain word count, that must be reached for a mission to be considered completed as well as the goal of the mission completed within the thread. You can do missions with other people or do missions by yourself. Doing a mission with another person does not affect personal wordcount if it is the same rank as a magic knight. For example, if the mission word count requirement is 2,000 words, then two magic knights do that mission together both must write 2,000 words in order for a mission to be considered complete for both of them.

  • All SOLO Missions have a 20% increase in wordcount. You can only do Solo missions within your rank.  

  • Partaking in a mission that is above or below your rank affects your personal wordcount on the mission, however your initial number of stars at stake to gain remain the same. You cannot partake in missions two or more ranks above you. (A Junior Magic Night Cannot take a Senior level mission a grand knight cannot take an intermediate mission etc)

    • Missions BELOW your rank have a 25% reduction in wordcount
    • Missions ABOVE your rank have a 25% addition in wordcount

Mission Guidelines

Mission RankCriteria
JuniorMissions for beginners, often not too dangerous or life threatening in any way. Objectives range from finding a lost sheep in the woods, helping a town rebuild after a storm, a few times defending a village against some small-time criminals and bandits. These missions are usually within the borders of the Clover Kingdom and the Capital City. Generally, these are missions for juniors and can be completed by Junior Magic Knights.
IntermediateMissions for Magic Knights with a little more experience, an element of danger is involved, and a difficult battle ahead. That sheep in the woods might have a dread wolf going after it too and those bandits attacking the town will certainly put up more of a fight. They still take place often within the boundaries of the Clover Kingdom, however more difficult ones may take you to the borders. Missions may take a little bit longer, are a bit more dangerous and challenging, but still generally are safe and only occasionally life threatening.
SeniorThese are Missions for Veteran Magic Knights. You’re no longer chasing after just some sheep, but perhaps searching for an entire flock taken by an entire pack of dread wolves. And those bandits aren’t just bandits anymore, perhaps they’re a gang of rouge spell casters terrorizing the town and kidnapping children for slavery! Your objectives are leagues difficult in comparison to previous ranks, often taking you to the outskirts of the wilds and borderlands or deeply entrenched in an assassin’s plot within the Capitol City. Your life is on the line and so is the protection of the Clover Kingdom. These missions are involved, dangerous, challenging, and life-threatening.
GrandThese missions are meant only for the most experienced Magic Knights. They are a test of your limits, strengths, and weaknesses as a Knight of the Order. You either land yourself a heroic and famed Magic Knight, or left for dead or worse. To survive a mission of this caliber, magic knights prove themselves the best of the Order. You're no longer facing wolves or bandits, but you may find yourself leading a charge at the front lines of the borderlands or as a guard to a foreign dignitary. As a Grand Magic Knight, you are expected to ensure the very fate of the Clover Kingdom and all her people.

Note: Some missions may have listed reasons or possibilities of how to earn a black star, however those are not necessarily all the ways you may earn black stars. Generally, as long as a mission is successfully completed, black stars are not a danger.

Mission Requirements and Rewards

Mission RankRequirementsRewards
Junior1,000 – 2,000 Words  1-2 Gold Stars

500 Gold – 750 Gold  
Intermediate3,000 – 4,000 Words 3-4 Gold Stars

750 Gold – 1,000 Gold  
Senior5,000 – 6,000 Words 5-6 Stars

1,500 – 2,000 Gold
Grand7,000 – 8,000 Words 7-8 Stars

3,000 – 4,000 Gold

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