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[Mission][Wood Hunting in Woods][Closed]

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1 [Mission][Wood Hunting in Woods][Closed] on Wed Oct 18, 2017 9:49 am


Intermediate Magic Knight 2nd Class
The Broommaker:

Mission Name: The Broommaker
Mission Rank: Junior
Mission Location: The Common Region
Gold Stars: 1
Gold Reward: 600
Word Count: 1,000 Words  
Number of Participants:  1
Mission Description: Ever wonder how a broom is made? The broommaker never tells his secrets! The Broommaker of Kikka has requested the someone gather the wood he carves into magic brooms! Venture in the mountainy forests of the common region and gather rare mana-infused wood for broom making and return it to the Broommaker. You never know, you might get a special surprise!

Sprider had already set his foot out of the squad hall. He has accepted the mission where the magic knight was required to get rare mana infused wood for the famous Broommaker of Common Region. He set out early to not get late that time. He used the public transport to reach the given address. He reached early than the scheduled time and entered the building. He was welcomed by a lady who said ' Are you the magic knight that accepted the mission? What's your name, lad?' Sprider gave her his name. She continued ' Yes. Sprider, good that you are on time here. You see my wood supplier has gone out of town and because of him I couldn't make much of the brooms. The demand out numbers the supply. That's why I requested for a magic knight to help me with the task. Now look, you have to bring me these heavy mana infused woods that's found in the woods nearby. I couldn't do the task myself for it requires courage and i am happy sitting here. Now here take this.' She handed him a paper which had a few drawings and some letters. She then added ' [color=orange]This contains all the information regarding it. I have arranged a ride for you that will help you reach the wilds and get the logs back up here. As for your prize, you will get it when you get the logs in here. Make sure you get them by noon. I have a lot of work to do. Thank you [/orange]' She said and signaled to go out. He went out and was happy for if he would have stayed in for few more seconds, he would have gone nuts. Thankfully he didn't. He tried to remember the main points of her talk and boarded the cart that was waiting for him.

He told his driver to get him to the woods. while he opened the paper he was given. It had a few drawings depicting how the trees looked a whole. It also gave images of how the lined were carved on the trunks. It also gave the information on what size the log must be cut into. What made it more helpful was the description it gave of the animals residing in the woods that we was about to enter. There wasn't much compared to the wilds who had so many dangerous animals. It looked completely like a brochure except one thing that was missing. A title on the front saying 'How to survive in the Jungle for dummies.' Then it would have been a complete survival pack for anyone who wished to enter it. His task was now simple and clear in front of his eyes. He had to visit the woods, find the tress and cut them into appropriate sizes. Get them back to the Broommaker and boom you get gold for this. But it didn't negate the fact that it still had carnivorous animals that don't mind eating a person alive or bandits who won't mind looting him. He shuddered and getting his mind out of this thought he got out of the cart when his driver asked him to.

His driver had stopped in front of the woods and told that this was the far most he can go. It wasn't suitable for him or his horse to move in any further. Though he still ensured him that the tress would be found nearby and wouldn't have to lurk in the deepest and darkest parts of the woods. He then provided Sprider with two ropes to help bring the wood pieces. Sprider thanked him and breathed out as he looked at the wilderness of the woods. Within a few seconds into the wilds he was met with his first obstacle, creepers with thorns. It was like a test to him because as far as his eyes could see, the area ahead was filled with one meter long plants. Towards his sides was even more dangerously looking plants including the Venus flytraps. He knew they could eat humans too if they wished. The best choice was to move ahead. He waved his hands upward as five shards of crystals sprouted out of the earth and hovered in the mid-air. Then he signaled them ahead and two of the five shot forward towards the plants, cutting and slicing them as they go as far as they can. Upon covering some thirty meters the two crystals disintegrated, bur the path ahead wasn't still clear. He then used the rest three and got his route cleared. The path below was covered by little crystals. That's the beauty of his magic, as soon as his spells ends, they leave behind bits of them that looks good. It wasn't time to gawk at it, he thought and dashed forward. .

Mana Pool = 30/40

Word Count = 809

Spells Used:

Name of Spell: Crystange
Elemental Type: Crystal
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type:Defense Creation
Range: 30 m
Mana Cost: 10
Stats: N/A
Description: The user produces 5 shards of crystal out of the earth which are half a metre length and then position them in mid air. He can then flick them towards his enemy as a ranged attack whenever he wants to.


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2 Re: [Mission][Wood Hunting in Woods][Closed] on Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:30 am


Intermediate Magic Knight 2nd Class
Now the amount of plants died sharply as the humongous and odd shaped trees increased considerably. They had branches grown out of anywhere and everywhere on the trunks. He avoided the tips as they seemed quite sharp. He would have walked a few more steps until he heard the voice of an animal, somewhat a bear. 'No!' he must have screamed internally. ' A bear wasn't listed in the guide.' He wished it wasn't it or else he was soon to meet his doom. He took slow and steady steps. He didn't wish to let the animal feel his presence. He cursed himself for not trying to learn any sensory type magic. He could have learnt where the animal was and where to look for the tress but now he felt he was trapped in the centre of a maze. His hairs stood to the spine as the voice of the animal peaked and it wasn't long until it appeared right in front of him. Though it was a little shorter than him and nothing to fear but his body told otherwise.

Sprider had heard the tale that bears don't eat if they feel that their prey was already dead. He did have the thought to lay dead but he knew it was all fairy tale. He called out five shards again, not with the intention of hurting it, but for stopping it. He flinged them forward towards the bear. They struck the ground and got implanted there as the five covered the bear. He ran towards his right to get out of the situation and was successful. He knew that the bear's claws were strong and would break out of the crystal barrier but it would take it's time. He ran till he reached a point from where he could feel strong mana emerging. Even if he didn't have any sensory magic but the mana was so strong that no one could refuse it. It could have been the trees he was looking for someone strong. Guess he had to check it himself. He moves forward.

Looks like the odds were in his favor. He encountered the trees he was looking for. The trees were three metre long but were rock solid. The trunks had circled lines as the drawing stated in the paper he was given. He motioned his right hand across and got hold of his sword. He then slashed the tree in half with his full force. The upper half fell down and he slashed the braches emerging out. The trunk was all he was asked for. He took a heavy breath and chargd in for the second tree. Following the fall of the second one he moved on to the third and had cut almost one third of what he could see. Then he counted them and they satifisfied the amount he was asked for.

He collected all of them and created bundles of two with the rope he got from the driver. The sun was about to settle down. His path back wasn't of much interest and bored him. He stopped before the place he met the bear before. The bear wasn't there and would have ran away destroying his crystal barrier. He looked around to make sure he was safe from it and then ran back through creepers he once destroyed. To his dismay the creepers had already started growing and he used the leftover crystals from the Crystange he used before. He used them to form a single long block above the creepers that were growing. He ran through the white carpet like crystals path he just made and reached his cart successfully and free from any harm. The driver wad happy to see him. He helped Sprider lodge them onto the cart and then drove the cart back to the Broommaker.

He didn't even ask for her name. He just wanted to give her the supplies she wished for. Upon reaching back at her place. She thanked him and it was like a transformation. She talked slowly like normal humans do and asked him to have a cup of coffee. He could never say no to that. He drank a cup along her. In between she asked him about the trouble he went through and he explained his venture. She thanked him again as he was about to leave and rewarded him with the gold coins she had promised to. She bid him farwell and asked him to come again for some coffee.

Mana Pool = 20/40 { 30 +10 - 10 - 10}
Word Count = 1560{752 + 808}

Spells used:

Name of Spell: Crysword
Elemental Type: Crystal
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type: Attack Creation
Range: Self
Mana Cost: 10
Stats: None
Description: The user creates a 75 centimeters long sword out of crystal that can be used in the battle.

Name of Spell: Crystard
Elemental Type: Crystal
Spell Rank: Junior
Spell Type:Defense Creation
Range: 30 m
Mana Cost: 10
Stats: N/A
Description: The user produces 5 shards of crystal out of the earth and then position them in mid air. They are 2 metre long. He can then use them anywhere in the given range to protect himself or anyone else.


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3 Re: [Mission][Wood Hunting in Woods][Closed] on Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:44 am


Junior Magic Knight 4th Class
With a wordcount total of 1560/1200 you have another...

Mission Complete!


  • 1 Stat Point
  • 1 Spell Point
  • 700 Gold
  • 1 Gold Star
  • and... a special surprise!
    Broommaker's Broom:
    Item Name: Broommaker's Broom
    Elemental Affinity: N/A
    Item Type: Broom - Personal Transport
    Item Rank: Junior
    Stats: +2 Speed
    Item Appearance:
    Item Description: As a thanks for helping her in her time of need, the Broomaker of Kikka has granted Sprider a broom all his own! Via channeling mana through the broom, you are granted the ability to fly! Only viable for one magic knight, unable to carry other passengers. Oddly smells of coffee.

    Code for Item

    [b]Item Name:[/b] Broommaker's Broom
    [b]Elemental Affinity:[/b] N/A
    [b]Item Type:[/b] Broom - Personal Transport
    [b]Item Rank:[/b] Junior
    [b]Stats:[/b] +2 Speed
    [b]Item Appearance:[/b]
    [b]Item Description:[/b] As a thanks for helping her in her time of need, the Broomaker of Kikka has granted Sprider a broom all his own! Via channeling mana through the broom, you are granted the ability to fly! Only viable for one magic knight, unable to carry other passengers. Oddly smells of coffee.

Comments: Nice little thread and mission for Sprider! The part about running into a bear was really intense, and for that the broomaker actually gave Sprider a little more gold as compensation. Enjoy your spoils and your free item!


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