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[Mission]Broommaker in need.

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1 [Mission]Broommaker in need. on Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:40 am

Jett King

Junior Magic Knight 5th Class
The Broommaker:

Mission Name: The Broommaker
Mission Rank: Junior
Mission Location: The Common Region
Gold Stars: 1
Gold Reward: 600
Word Count: 1,000 Words  
Number of Participants:  1
Mission Description: Ever wonder how a broom is made? The broommaker never tells his secrets! The Broommaker of Kikka has requested the someone gather the wood he carves into magic brooms! Venture in the mountainy forests of the common region and gather rare mana-infused wood for broom making and return it to the Broommaker. You never know, you might get a special surprise!

After a trip to the royal capital's grand library, Jett couldn't help but return home as he was missing his own library.  Plus he would take this opportunity to catch up with his parents as best he could, filling them in on all the sights he had seen since receiving his grimoire. Being back in the hustle and bustle of Kikka was beautiful sight to behold and a stark contrast to the capital.  While it housed it's fair share of nobles, the stares of disgust at a lower class was distinctly absent.  Whether they were on their best behaviour because it was a popular place for magic knights to visit or maybe they were just better prepared for the appearance of commoners.  The crowded streets, packed out shops, peddling street vendors and the constant noise of chattering, it may not be to everyone's taste but this was home.  Jett flowed through the crowds with ease, exchanging waves and pleasantries with shop owners from along the street who'd he'd known from a young age.  Jett also returned to his bad habit, swiping a woman's golden broach from her after accidentally bumping into her.  He shook his head, disappointed in his own behaviour but still kept his prize.

Before reaching the library he called home, Jett noticed a couple of disgruntled magic knight's being turned away from the broommaker's shop.  The broommaker himself looked equally angry but not at the mages he'd turned away, looking up he saw Jett on looking.  Giving a simple wave and a forced smile to Jett, the broommaker closed the door to his shop locking himself inside.  Jett stood looking at the closed door, pondering about the situation.  Jett had know the owner since he was a child and he'd never once seen him without a smile.  In the few conversation the two exchanged, the broommaker, Mr. Whisk, always boasted how his brooms where the best in the land.  He would often liken his broom's to a stallion in comparison to all other brooms.  To see a such a dejected face on the man was not normal.  Putting his reunion on hold, Jett made the short journey across the street to Mr. Whisk's shop.  Jett first tried and failed to open the door before knocking on the wood planks of the door. "Mr. Whisk.  Is everything okay?  It's Jett King, from the library." Jett waited a while, listening in for noises inside the shop.  There was nothing, just silence. With a shrug of his shoulders, Jett turned on his heels and began to walk away.  As he did however, there was loud metallic noise from the doors lock.  Looking back, the wooden door stood slightly ajar. Taking this as a invitation, Jett turned back again and entered the shop.

Inside the shop was dark save for the few rays of light coming from the closed window slats.  The walls were bare, devoid of any brooms or merchandise of any kind.  The atmosphere was heavy as Mr. Whisk sat alone in the dark room in silence.  Slowly approaching the owner, Jett stood next to him looking around the store. "What happened to all your brooms Mr. Whisk?"  The broommaker gave a tut and a small laugh. "I've got no supplier.  And I've ran clean out of my stock. At this rate I'll be broke."  Giving another small laugh. "Hell, I am broke.  I'm finished." Jett didn't really know how to react to his predicament. "Is there no other supplier?" The broommaker slumped lower. ”No, at least not what I can afford right now.  But to get the money I need, I’d need to sell brooms.  It’s your classic catch twenty-two.” Jett gave small look at the broach he had stolen earlier, trying to evaluate it’s worth.  Even if he got a good price for it, he guessed he still wouldn’t be able to pay a new supplier. ”I’m sorry.  I wish there was something you could do.” ”Don’t worry about it.  I’ll maybe take a trip to forest myself and cut a tree down myself.  Maybe sell brooms straight from their source.” Jett was a little shocked, unsure if what he was saying was the truth.  Could he simply need wood from a forest, if so Jett could do that. [color:2af9=9300C4]”If you just need wood, I can go get you some.” Mr. Whisk laughed in dismissal. ”It’s not that simple, you can’t just used any wood for a broom.  It’s gotta be a tree that’s grown rich in mana.  TO my knowledge there is only one place in this kingdom to get that.” Jett didn’t really see the problem if he knew where it was, it was just a case of getting it. ”Mr. Whisk, tell me where this forest is.  I’ll go get you the wood and then you get yourself up and running again.” Mr. Whisk turned and gave Jett a quizzical look, unsure if he was genuine or not.  After a short pause he simply shrugged his shoulders. ”Sure why not, what have I got to lose.”  Reaching under the counter top of his service desk, the broommaker pulled out a map of the Clover Kingdom which had a red circle drawn on it.  Handing it to Jett he began to explain. ”Here, take this.  I’ve marked where the forest is located.  It’ll take you a day to get there.  Don’t strain yourself to much and even if you decided against it, no hard feelings.  Just return the map.”  Jett gave a smile filled with confidence as he took the map. ”Don’t worry Mr. Whisk, I’ll be back before you know it.” With that Jett took off at quite the pace before summoning his diamond carriage to take him to his destination.

Jett had made good time reaching the forest as the sun was just setting.  The forest gave off a heavy atmosphere courtesy of the mana rich land, giving an extra beauty to the trees.  The leaves gave off a light glow, illuminating the forest even in the failing light of the setting sun.  Jett wondered around the forest, looking for trees to cut down, as some were bigger than the oldest oak tree he’d ever saw.  He was unsure if it was an effect of the mana that some had aided their growth.  After a few minutes of wandering, Jett had picked out and marked three smaller trees.  He figured at their size, Mr. Whisk could fill his shop with brooms and still have some spare.  Jett was going to carry the wood back on his carriage and even brought rope to tie it down.  All that was left was to cut the trees down. ”Diamond Magic: Noble Blade!” A sword appeared in Jett’s hand from nothingness.  Playing with the sword for a couple of seconds, Jett stood in front of the first tree and the widened his stance.  Closing his eyes, he controlled his breathing as Jett prepared to cut the tree down in one fell swoop.  Looking up and opening his eyes, Jett lunged forward and passed the tree, not attempting to cut it until he was at full speed.  As his sword first struck the tree, Jett felt a resistance unlike what he’d felt from wood before.  Still, he pushed through with all his strength and the blade flowed through the tree.  Jett stood and watched as he watched the giant, twist slowly before it began to tilt and crash to the ground.  Jett proceeded to cut off the branches and gather them in one place.  Cutting the tree into smaller logged, Jett gather them in a pile next to his carriage.  By this time the kingdom had fell dark but Jett was still illuminated by the forest, the whole experience was surreal. After another hours work, Jett had been able to cut down the other two tree, and stacked them all up a top his carriage.  All the wood was tied down and attached to the roof, the weight was notable forcing his carriage to a top speed that was slower than a walk.  Still it gave Jett a chance to get some shut eye on his journey back.

The first morning light brought Jett softly out of his slumber, though he didn’t sleep to well.  Diamond was not a material made for rest, it was hard, cold and overall just uncomfortable.  Still he was not far out from his destination as he hoped of the carriage to walk beside it.  By the time he’d reached the streets of Kikka the sun was high in the sky and the streets had just began filling with people.  Stooping outside the broommakers shop, Jett knock upon the wooden door.  After short wait, the latch on the door unlocked and Mr. Whisk stepped out from his shop.  Jett watched him with a smug smile on his face.  Mr. Whisk was in awe of the logs packed on the carriage, speechless he just grabbed and hugged Jett tight. ”You don’t know how much you’ve saved me lad.” Jett laughed ”Don’t mention it.” Letting go of Jett, Mr. Whisk cut the rope from the carriage and removed the wood from it’s roof.  With the help of Jett, Mr. Whisk took the logs inside the shop and set them up ready to crafted into broom.  With his good deed finished, Jett took his leave. ”Mr. Whisk, this should keep you going for a while and you should be able to get a new supplier.  The broommaker laughed, this time out of happiness. [color:2af9=873000]”I’ll get this all up and running, don’t you worry.  If you ever need a broom, I’ll make a custom broom of my finest work, free of charge.” Jett smiled and waved as he left, happy to help someone in such need.  Though a day late, Jett made his way home with one more story to tell  his parents.


WC - 1642

Jett King Details:
Name: Jett King
Magic Order: Purple Orca
Grimoire: Jett's Grimoire
Speech: Purple - 9300C4
Stats: Here
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2 Re: [Mission]Broommaker in need. on Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:33 am


Junior Magic Knight 4th Class
With a wordcount total of 1642/1200 you have another...

Mission Complete!


  • 1 Stat point
  • 1 Spell Point
  • 600 Gold
  • And... A Reward Item! Mr, Whisk's Broom!
    Mr. Whisk's Broom:

    Item Name: Mr. Whisk's Broom
    Elemental Affinity: N/A
    Item Type: Broom - Personal Transport
    Item Rank: Junior
    Stats: +2 Speed
    Item Appearance:
    Item Description: As a thanks for helping him in his time of need, Mr. Whisk has granted Jett a broom all his own! Via channeling mana through the broom, you are granted the ability to fly! Only viable for one magic knight, unable to carry other passengers.

    Code for Item:

    [b]Item Name:[/b] Mr. Whisk's Broom
    [b]Elemental Affinity:[/b] N/A
    [b]Item Type:[/b] Broom - Personal Transport
    [b]Item Rank:[/b] Junior
    [b]Stats:[/b] +2 Speed
    [b]Item Appearance:[/b]
    [b]Item Description:[/b] As a thanks for helping him in his time of need, Mr. Whisk has granted Jett a broom all his own! Via channeling mana through the broom, you are granted the ability to fly! Viable for one magic knight only, unable to carry other passengers.

Comments: A nice little story of Jett just being a good guy and helping a nice old man. Kinda laughed a bit at how diamond isn't really a 'comfortable' kind of magic. Enjoy your spoils and your free broom!


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