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1 Items on Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:04 am

Items can be special tools, weapons, or armor that your magic knight uses in battle! These Items can have spell stat boosts or other effects. Items can have 1 effect equivalent to its rank or 2 effects per rank of ranks below it. IE An Intermediate Item can have 1 Intermediate Rank Effect or 2 Junior Rank Effects.

  • A stat point manipulation counts as an effect, this effect from items are slightly less effective than stat manipulations from spells.

  • Items can either have an elemental affinity, and if they do the affinity much match the element of you magic knight so they can use it. If an item does not have an elemental affinity, then your magic knight can use it as well.

  • Items that are considered consumable (IE grenades, first aid kit, traps) can be bought again to refill your stock.

Item RankItem GuidelinesEffects


  • Generally the lowest quality of materials.
  • Can cause minor burns and bruises
  • Blades cause 1-2 cuts
  • Can be broken by Intermediate Rank Spells & Above OR with a power stat of 20 or higher

1 Junior Rank Effect

  • Material of average quality
  • Can cause 2nd degree burns
  • Blades can cut large gashes into the skin
  • Can be broken by Senior Rank Spells & Above OR with a Power Stat of 40 or higher

1 Intermediate Rank Effect
2 Junior Rank Effects


  • Made of High Quality Materials
  • Can cause up to 3rd degree burns
  • Blades can make lethal slashes and cut through limbs
  • Can be broken by Grand Magic Spells OR with a Power Stat of 65 or higher

1 Senior Rank Effect
OR 2 Intermediate Rank Effects
OR 4 Junior Rank Effects

  • Made of the Highest Quality Materials
  • Can cause 4th degree burns or disintegration
  • Blades can cut through bone and crush entire body
  • Cannot be broken by Spells alone, must be a Grand Magic Spell & a Power Stat of 80 or higher

1 Grand Rank Effect
OR 2 Senior Rank Effects
OR 4 Intermediate Rank Effects
OR 6 Junior Rank Effects

Stat Point Manipulation
Item RankStat Points per Rank
JuniorSingle Target – 3
Multiple Targets – 2
IntermediateSingle Target – 5
Multiple Targets – 4
SeniorSingle Target – 8
Multiple Targets -7
GrandSingle Target – 11
Multiple Targets – 10

Item Pricing: Buying and Selling
If you wish to sell your Item to get some gold, then you will be able to sell it for three-fourths the price you paid for. Broken Items sell for one-fourth of the original price. As a reminder, these are general base prices for items. Some items, depending on their effects, consumable or not, or other factors, may be priced slightly more or slightly less.

Item RankBase Buying Rank
Junior600 Gold
Intermediate900 Gold
Senior1500 Gold
Grand2500 Gold

Item Repair
Oh no! You’ve gone and pushed your item to its limits and gotten your Item broken! So what can you do? You can sell your item, however a broken item will only sell for one-fourth of the original cost. If you choose to, you can repair you item! Item repair costs half of the cost your paid your item. To have an item repaired go to item approval and fill the Item Repair template. It has a few requirements, such as linking your item and the thread it was broken in (so that you’ve proven its broken). After approval, gold will be withdrawn from your account and your item is fixed!

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