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Spell Types

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1 Spell Types on Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:40 pm

Spell Types

Spells are endless and varied! So they are classified into differing categories, some spells may cross several categories, but these are the general ones, further explained.

  • Combat Spells – Spells to be used directly in combat, whether attack or defending.

    • Attack or Attack Creation -  Spells that are for offensive purposes and directly attacking an opponent. Attack Creation is the use of manipulating your elemental type to attack.

    • Defense or Defense Creation – Spells that are for defensive purposes and directly for defending against an attack. Defensive creation is the use of manipulating your elemental type for defending.

      Guide for Attacking and Defending Spell
      In cases of spells of differing rank entirely, the higher ranked spell always wins. The higher ranked attack spell will always break the lower ranked defensive, the higher ranked defensive will always hold against a lower ranked attack.  

      Spells of the same rank are still 1v1

      An attack spell can only break a defensive spell if the attacking magic knight’s power is 10 or more points higher than the defending knight’s stamina stat

  • Stat Manipulation Spells – Spells that affects stats, either positively (buff) or negatively (debuff). Lasts only 1 post unless it is a continuous spell, of which each post after initial casting costs half the mana of the spell mana cost. Can either affect a singular target or range of multiple targets. A single target stat spell may appear like an elemental aura surrounding your magic knight, while a multiple targeted spell could of an Area of Effect type spell.

  • Healing Spells – Spells meant to heal injuries of allies or of a magic knight themselves. A healing spell must remain uninterrupted for it be cast properly, both upon the magic knight casting and their target(s). The more serious an injury is, the longer it will take for a spell to take effect.

  • Item/Equipment/Supplementary Creation Spells – These are the supplementary vein of creation spells that create items or other physical constructs from your magic knight’s elemental type. Items such as boots of lightning that may enhance your speed, a bed of cotton to soften your fall, or a platform of wind to take you into the air. Traps are also considered to be this type of Supplementary Creation Spells. These constructs or otherwise are not used to directly attack or defend against your opponent, such as a blade of ice would be considered Attack Creation or a shield of rock would be considered Defense Creation. Creation spells are considered continuous spells, your magic knight must continuously use up mana to maintain them.  A construct can be broken if attacked directly, requiring a spell of a higher rank or an attacking power stat 15 or more points higher than defending stamina.

  • Sensory Spells – Sensory spells are spells that help a Magic Knight perceive the world around them. With a sensory Spell, you can observe your environment and surroundings, detect other Magic Knights around you and analyze the strength and power of your opponents. For every 5 points to your sensory stat, you can add 10 m to the range of your sensory spells.

Special Magic Spells

  • Restraining Magic Spells – Spells meant to restraint or block the use of spells and an opponent’s Grimoire, also can be used to restraint an opponent’s movement.

    • Restraining Magic restrains 1 spell of same rank per spell of same rank or always restrain use of spells ranked lower. IE A Junior restraining magic spell can block 1 junior magic spell or an intermediate restraining magic spell can block BOTH junior and intermediate magic spells. (regardless of rank of knight)

    • Restraining magic spells can block use of multiple spells ranks lower, 2 per each rank. IE An intermediate restraining spell can block either 1 intermediate magic spell OR 2 junior magic spells.

    • Restraining magic spells cannot affect spells that are higher than their rank. IE A junior restraining magic spell cannot restrain an Intermediate magic spell. (regardless of rank of knight)

    • If attempting to restrain a magic knight’s movement and NOT a spell, the magic knight can resist restraint if their power stat is 15 points higher than their opponent’s power stat (regardless of rank)  

    • Restraining magic spells weaken over time, if kept continuously then the power-stamina difference needed to break the spell decreases by 3 for every post afterwards.

      • The 1st post requires 15 point difference
      • The 2nd post requires 12 point difference and so on...  

    • If attempting to restrain BOTH movement AND the use of spells, all previous rules apply.

  • Spatial Magic Spells – Using spatial magic, manipulating space in order to create portals between point A and point B  Spatial magic has special ranges that are significantly LARGER the normal ranges, it is mainly limited by distance and whether the Magic Knight has previously been to the place in question or can see the place they are teleporting. (now you’re thinking with portals!)

    • Junior: 300 m
    • Intermediate: 500 m
    • Senior: 1,000 m
    • Grand:  2,000 m

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