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Magic Types

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1 Magic Types on Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:19 pm

Magic Types

Here at Black Clover, your Magic Knight can specialize in different types of magic. While your elemental type determines a specific theme for you magic, your magic type determines what you can do with it. There are two main kinds of magic Creation Magic and Specialty, with a unique type of Spatial magic. Creation Magic is creating and manipulating your element in any way in kind of manner, from forming a sword of light to making a bed of clouds to a barrier of water and is split into respective sub specializations.  Specialty Magic is more specialized types of magic, from healing to sensory to transformation and trap magic and is also separated into separated sub specializations.

At Junior Rank Magic Knights can specialize in TWO SUB-SPECIALIZATIONS

At Intermediate Rank Magic Knights can specialize in THREE SUB-SPECIALIZATIONS

At Grand Rank Magic knights can specialize in FOUR SUB-SPECIALIZATIONS.

For characters with the Extra Specialization Perk ONLY, upon reaching Grand Rank they are allowed to have FIVE SUB-SPECIALIZATION.

Spatial is not allowed for first-time characters, you must be active on the site for 2 months before you can have a character with this type of magic.

The Magic Types Tree:

Magic Types

Combat Creation Magic Sub Specializations

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Golem
  • Supplementary - Supplementary is further split into 3 sub categories, taking Supplementary Creation Magic means that Magic Knight also can have spells within these three subcategories.

    • Transport
    • Item
    • Construct

Specialty Magic Sub Specializations

  • Healing
  • Sensory
  • Reinforcement
  • Transformation
  • Restraining
  • Trap
  • Hex and Curse Magic


  • Spatial - Spatial magic in unavailable to starting characters. You must be active on the site for 2 months before you can have a character with Spatial magic

Combat Creation Magic

Combat Creation magic the basic form of combat magic, it includes any kind of supernatural or magical manipulation of your element in order to make direct attacks. From blazing swords of wind to cannons of water to shields of diamond. Combat Creation spells are the main sources of attack and defending in battle and are what we imagine when we think of Magic Knight duking it out against each other!

Attack Creation

Attack Creation magics includes all offensive type spells, forming projectiles to shoot, creating weapons with your elemental type, elemental beams of energy, direct attacks using magic, creating or manipulating your element for offensive purposes. Anything that is considered ‘attacking’ your opponent directly falls under this category. Creating weapons directly with your elemental affinity such as swords, hammers, or spears etc, with the intent of attacking is also considered this type of magic. Attack Creation Spells are extremely varied and versatile and can range from melee to long range spells, limited only by user control rank and ability. Physical constructs of attack creation magic such as swords, axes, hammers, etc all count as Creation Magic.

Attack creation spells normally DO NOT give stat buffs. (creating giant hammer does not give you +3 power). However, Attack Creation spells MAY cause stat de-buffs, such as setting off an explosion in front of your enemies may give -3 sensory. Each Spell is often a case by case basis, for more info on spell strength, please review the spell guidelines.

Defensive Creation

Defensive Creation magic includes all defensive type spells, forming barriers or ramparts, creating armor or hardening, direct defenses using magic, etc. Creating or manipulating your element in any way to defend yourself against an opponent’s attack falls under this category. Shields and armor created directly from spells fall also under this category. Like their counterpart of Attack Creation Spells, they are extremely varied and versatile, ranging from melee size shields to large barriers of protection, limited only by user control rank and ability.

Defensive Creation spells normally may give stat buffs to Stamina. (Such as creating a skin of diamond armor around yourself may give you +3 stamina). However, Defensive Creation Spells normally do not cause stat de buffs. Each Spell is often a cause by case basis, for more info on spell strength, please review the spell guidelines.  

Golem Creation

Golem Creation is the use of manipulating one’s element in a form of an animal, human, or other life-like figure that the user can control at will. Golems are not limited to just ‘golems,’ but other animals, such as birds, dragons, and even may have humanoid shape. Golems do not have an independent will from their magic knight, but can follow simple commands and directions given to them by the controlling magic knight. Golem size and construction is dependent on a magic knight’s ability, as well as the number of golems one can summon and the strength of the golem’s themselves.

Supplementary Creation Magic

Magic used for supplementary purposes, these types of magic do not fall directly under the Attack or Defense Category, but still are consistent with creating and manipulating your element with a purpose that could be part of combat. Supplementary creation is considered a Sub Specialization all on its own with three sub types underneath it. Taking Supplementary Creation means that you have the ability to use magic of all three of the supplementary types.


Supplementary Creation, Transport is the use of creating your element to form a mode of transport or vehicle, such as a boat of lightning or a ridable eagle of water. These constructs can be used to transport the Magic Knight along or other passengers, weight load and traveling speed depending on the ability of the magic knight. Creating elemental wings and using them to fly or other constructs also is considered this kind of magic, personal transportation magic such as that may also give Speed Boosts. As Spells are often a case by case basis, please review the spell guidelines for making you spell.  

Item Creation & Equipment Enhancement

Item Creation is creating Items that help you battle. These items can range from multipurpose tools, equipment and basic items that can be held or wielded. Items made directly from spells are physical constructs and can be broken via the normal guidelines. Channeling magic through an item to enhance the item or wield it in battle also falls under this category. Creating Equipment to help you in battle often may be armor or other equippable items, like boots, gauntlets, and helmets. These items may give you stat boosts of various types, such as boots of lightning may increase your speed or crystal binoculars may enhance your sensory (vision). Many spells are a case by case basis so please remember to view the spell guidelines before making your spell.

The difference between Items made through Item Creation and Attack Magic Weapons or Constructs, is that purely attack magic constructs may be wielded within a range or separated from the user to attack. Basic Items and Equipment must remain with physical contact with the user and often have other purposes besides basic offensive style items, such as support or enhancing the user’s physical abilities themselves. It is noted that armor or other helms created through Item Creation is less effective than purely Defense Magic Armor, and cannot fully defend the user from stronger spells or attacks.

Construct Creation

Construct Creation Magic allows a use to make basic constructs consisting of their element, these constructs however, may not necessarily be used for offensive or defensive purposes. Constructs may include beds of cotton or supports of earth, but are not generally used specifically as transport or as a defensible wall. Most constructs that simply do not fit in the category of transport, item, attack or defense creation magic fall under this category.  Constructs are limited in size and weight load they may carry by Magic Knight's ability, according to the normal spell guidelines. As such, constructs do not normally give stat boosts or debuffs of any kind.

Specialty Magic

Specialty Magic is the kinds of magic used for various purposes that may not directly be combative or supplementary types. Healing, sensory, and transformation and other kinds of magic fall under this category. Specialty Magic types do not always have an element associated with them, as some come in the form of manipulating raw mana or just are magic spells, such as Reinforcement Magic and Transformation magic respectively. However, other specialty magic may have the themes concerning a Magic Knight’s element, such as a user with water magic may incorporate a water based healing spell or sensory spell.

Healing Magic

Healing magic is spells that heal injuries of yourself or other magic knights , from cuts and bruises to broken bones and life-threatening injuries. Healing magic may be in the form of healings rays of light, a phoenix life giving fire, or auras of healing circles. Healing spells have the ability to heal by the factor of Spell strength per rank, found in the spell guidelines. Healing spells may also give stat boosts to the injured and to those that the spell is cast upon. At its highest levels, healing magic can even save those on the brink of death.

Sensory Magic

Sensory Magic allows a user to perceive magic and the world around them.  Sensory magic can be used to survey an area, detect magic and magic users, and create maps consisting of a magic knight’s element. The higher a user’s sensory stat is, the further and the more accurate their sensory magic can be. Sensory Magic also allows a user to detect magical traps and hidden items. Via sensory magic, the user is also able to detect strength and levels of other magic users around them.

Sensory Magic also allows a user to manipulate senses of those around them, creating illusions or misinterpreting mana presences and their surroundings. These illusions however, are not tangible and do not have tangible effects besides limited influences on a opponent's psyche. Such as, creating an exclusionary shadow monster in an attempt to scare an opponent or a field of flowers in an attempt to relax them.

Reinforcement Magic

Reinforcement magic that directly enhances the abilities of your physical body. Through the direct use of a Magic Knight’s raw mana, they are able to enhance themselves with their own element or raw mana. Reinforcement magic most commonly give in the form of stat boosts that are more effective than normal boosts. Magic Knights skilled in Reinforcement Magic often have high rank of control and large mana reserves to maintain their magical auras.

Transformation Magic

Transformation Magic allows Magic Knight’s to take the appearance of another person entirely, including age, gender, voice, and body type, though personality is dependent on the caster themselves. Transformation Magic does not allow a Magic Knight to copy another Magic Knight’s magic, only appearance.

Restraining Magic

Restraining magic is magic can immobilize an opponent and restrict the use of an opponent’s grimoire. Various elemental types can be used to make ropes or binds to wrap and contain an opponent and prevent escape, prevent an opponent from using spells or casting magic.

Trap Magic

Trap magic is the ability to set and create magically infused traps that when triggered can have various effects on a target or their magic spells. Some basic trap effects can be binding or immobilizing an opponents movements, catching or deflecting an opponents attacks, or akin to ‘landmine’ traps, that when activated produce an explosion or other effect.  Traps can be set anywhere on the ground or even in the air with magic seals that act as trap triggers.

Curse and Hex Magic

Curse Magic is the use of imbuing curses onto objects or creations of one's magic elements. These curses can have various effects, from poisoning, paralysis, illness and others. Hexes work in a similar manner, except are more focuses of direct casting onto a player rather than indirectly though a cursed object or construct. The stigma of these darker and less savory types of magics often discourages most honorable mages from studying them. Curse and Hex Magic both are often magics that deal more effective stat debuffs than normal spells.

Spatial Magic

Spatial Magic is a special magic that serves as both an element and a magic type. Spatial Magic allows a user to manipulate space at will, creating portals from point a to point b. It is often used as a form of transportation, due its extremely long range and versatility. When two mages of Spatial Magic Clash, their magics cancels out.

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