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Magic Types

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1 Magic Types on Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:19 pm

Magic Types
Here at Black Clover, your Magic Knight can specialize in two types of magic. While your elemental type determines a specific theme for you magic, your magic type determines what you can do with it. There are two main kinds of magic, combatant and supplementary, with a special type/element of Spatial magic. Combatant magic of course relates to battle spells and is a rather broad category that can include everything from blasts of fire, barriers of water, shooting ice shards, cannons of light etc. Supplementary Magic includes healing and item magic and various others. Spatial Magic is an exclusive as both a type and element as it only can do one thing, manipulate space.

You can choose two types of sub-specialization you wish with some exception

If you choose healing magic, you cannot take any type of combat magic (attack or defense) or physical reinforcement Magic.

Spatial and Restraining Magic are not allowed for first-time characters, you must be active on the site for 2 months before you can have a character with these types of magic.

  • Combat Magic – Magic used directly in combat, further split into two types. Attack and Defense.

    • Attack/Attack Creation – Offensive type spells, forming projectiles to shoot, creating weapons with elemental type, direct attacks using magic, creating/using your element to attack is considered Attack Creation Magic

    • Defense/Defensive Creation – Defensive type spells, forming barriers or ramparts, creating armor or hardening, direct defenses using magic. Creating/manipulating your element to defend is also considered Defensive Creation Magic

  • Supplementary Magic – Magic used for supplementary purposes

    • Healing Magic – Spells that heal injuries of yourself or other magic knights. NOTE: If you chose healing, you CANNOT choose a combat type magic.

    • Supplementary Creation Magic – A versatile type of magic of which allows magic knights to create various entities with elemental properties of their elemental type. (Supplementary Creation Magic is not directly weapons, shields, or equipment and therefore cannot be used to directly block attacks or directly used to attack)

    • Sensory Magic – Magic that allows a user to perceive magic and the world around them.  Sensory magic can be used to survey an area, detect magic and magic users, and create maps consisting of a magic knight’s element.  

    • Item/Equipment Creation Magic – Magic that allows you to create equipment or other items of your elemental type to help you in battle.

    • Physical Reinforcement Magic – Magic that directly enhances the abilities of your physical body. Cannot be taken by those with Healing magic.

    • Transformation Magic – Magic that allows you to take the appearance of another person entirely, including age, gender, and body type

    • Spatial Magic -  Magic that allows a user to manipulate space. Spatial Magic is Unavailable to starting characters

    • Restraining Magic – Magic that binds or restricts an opponent’s movements, and can also restrict the use of an opponent’s grimoire and block an opponent from using spells. Various elemental types can be used to make ropes or binds to wrap and contain an opponent. Restraining Magic is not available for starting characters.

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